TCG ANADOLU Will Be In Service By The End Of 2022 At The Latest

tcg anadolu will be put into service at the end of the night
tcg anadolu will be put into service at the end of the night

SSB İsmail Demir said in an interview with journalist Hakan Çelik that TCG ANATOLIA will enter the inventory by the end of 2022 at the latest.

Presidency Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir answered questions about journalist Hakan Çelik's activities in the field of defense. İsmail Demir also made some important statements about the TCG Anadolu project.

Hakan Celik's "When will the Anatolian ship be commissioned?" Stating that the latest date is 2022, İsmail Demir said, “The planned date was the end of 2022. Our President took the floor to bring this date forward. We want to take it even earlier. The Anatolian ship is capable of changing the paradigm in the seas. It will be able to carry UAVs and armaments on it, along with armored vehicles and helicopters. It can be used in multi-purpose operations. " He replied with the statements.

Hakan Çelik said, "Is there any other ship similar to this that can land a UAV-UAV on it?" İsmail Demir replied, “No, our Anatolian ship will be the first in the world in this sense. Our President also laid down his goal of developing a different type of aircraft carrier at a later stage. " gave place to his statements.

"TCG ANADOLU will be an SİHA ship"

In an interview with NTV at the beginning of March 2021, SSB İsmail Demir stated that a special variant of TB2 SİHA systems will be deployed to TCG ANADOLU. Demir said, “UAV landing / taking off in Anatolia, TB2s specially designed for it and other fixed wing platforms are in question. Making Anatolia an SİHA ship is on the agenda. " made statements. The Bayraktar TB3 SİHA system, which continues to be developed by Baykar Defense, is planned to be a Bayraktar TB2-based SİHA system specially developed for TCG ANATOLIA as well as have a foldable wing structure.

In the process of transforming the TCG Anadolu LHD into an armed unmanned aerial vehicle (SİHA) ship, 30 to 50 Bayraktar TB3 SİHA platform, which will have foldable wings, will be deployed on the ship. Bayraktar TB3 SİHA systems will be able to take off and land using the deck of TCG Anadolu. It is stated that at least 10 Bayraktar TB3 SİHAs can be used in operations simultaneously with the command center to be integrated into TCG ANADOLU.

'Tactical' class UAV will be able to take off from TCG Anadolu's runway

A visit was made by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank to the ship in order to examine the latest situation in TCG Anatolia, whose works are continuing at Sedef Shipyard.

In the statement made by Minister Varank during the examination of the ship, TCG Anadolu and Turkey's new capability and kazanIt was underlined that you would get results. In the statement made by the President of the Defense Industry, İsmail Demir, it was announced that the delivery of TCG Anadolu to the Naval Forces was postponed from 19 to 2020 due to the COVID-2021 pandemic. In addition, as an important issue, it was stated that UAVs could be deployed instead of aircraft platforms in Anatolia, even if they did not catch up during the delivery of the ship.

Source: defenceturk

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