Last Minute: President Announces Normalization Steps

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Coronavirus Statements
Recep Tayyip Erdogan Coronavirus Statements

📩 02/03/2021 10:36

Last minute: All bans are lifted! Erdogan announced the details one by one! According to the breaking news, the Cabinet Meeting has ended. President Erdogan made a statement. President Erdogan announced the new normalization decisions in his statement. He gave flash information about the curfew at the weekend, face-to-face training, cafes and restaurants. Erdogan said in his statement that the restrictions will be made according to the color of the provinces.

We classified our provinces according to various criteria, especially the number of cases per 100 thousand population. We divided our 81 provinces into colors. It will be evaluated every week according to the risk situation. The provincial sanitation agency under the chairmanship of our governorships will enter new regulations.

We classified the provinces as blue-yellow-orange-red. The decision to tighten or loosen the measures will be made according to the situation of improvement or worsening.

We discussed extensively how to take the normalization steps in principle. While the curfew is completely lifted in low and medium risk provinces, it will continue on Sunday for a while in high and very high risk provinces.

The curfew will continue between 21:05 and 8:12. Schools, all pre-school education institutions will be opened to education at XNUMXth and XNUMXth grades in primary schools. Education and training will begin in low and medium risk countries. In high and very high risk provinces, face-to-face exams will be held only in high schools.

Places such as restaurants, cafeterias, dessert shops, patisseries, cafés, and tea gardens will continue their activities between 7 am and 10 pm with a 50 percent limitation, except in very high risk provinces.

The public will be returned to normal working hours in all of Turkey. If needed, different arrangements can be made by governorships. The regulation on citizens over 65 and under 20 will be abolished in low and medium risk provinces, while it will be increased in high and very high risk provinces.

General assemblies of non-governmental organizations, professional associations, cooperatives and similar organizations can be held in low, medium and high risk provinces with a participation of not more than 300 people.

Our goal is to complete the controlled normalization process throughout our country as soon as possible. The inspections will be carried out in a more stringent and determined manner within this framework. Everything about the pioneering and exemplary loosening the restrictions in Turkey, and I hope to completely eliminate issues I strongly believe show the same success. I wish the decisions we have made will be beneficial to our country and nation. I offer my love and respect to all of you, with bold health.

covid map
covid map

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