Smart City Kayseri Application Attracts Intense Interest

smart sehir kayseri application attracts intense interest
smart sehir kayseri application attracts intense interest

While Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality shows the development level of the city with technological investments within the scope of the National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, with its sample applications for "smart urbanism", the mobile application "Smart City Kayseri" attracts great attention.

Metropolitan Mayor Dr. In his statement on the subject, Memduh Büyükkılıç stated that the Metropolitan Municipality offers services in many areas from transportation to city information system, from mobile maps to culture and arts events with its new technology and innovative approaches.

Stating that they are following a more comprehensive path regarding smart city policies with the corporate mobile application “Smart City Kayseri”, Mayor Büyükkılıç stated that within the scope of the 2020-2023 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan, Kayseri also steers projects with a smart city approach in their future investments. brought.

Mayor Büyükkılıç said: “If we are thinking of sustainable investments for our city, we first need to understand the concept of“ Smart City ”very well and make plans on it. Because in order for the resources in cities to be efficient, they must be directly linked to technology. Here comes the concept of the Smart City. We attach great importance to this situation. We believe that top level development will be achieved in this way. Our citizens can get information from the smart city Kayseri, the corporate mobile application of the Metropolitan Municipality, to the city information system, from mobile maps to cultural and art events, and from the "Transportation" menu in our mobile application, you can see the buses passing the stop and learn when the bus will arrive at the station. Our main goal is for our citizens to have high welfare and comfort. In addition, thanks to the "Urban Information System" in the mobile application, they can reach important places such as the nearest hospital, pharmacy, gas station, historical artifacts, free Wi-Fi areas, notaries, ATMs, mosques, schools, parking lots, bicycle stops, taxi stands.


Noting that they have implemented applications for smart urbanization in many areas, Büyükkılıç said that with the mobile application, citizens can easily access the projects that the municipality has done and is doing, the culture and art events organized, and the news. President Büyükkılıç continued his speech as follows:

“In the past weeks, Ulasim A.Ş. We held a meeting with the Information Technologies and Transportation Planning and Rail System Departments. Detailed information was given there. Consultations were held. We care very much about all areas that will carry our city to the future and we follow it meticulously. In our city, we also examined the works such as smart transportation systems, intersection types, electronic control systems, planned intersections, variable message systems, smart signaling control software, and listened to what was done about instant monitoring and inspection and reports in transportation. I would also like to state that the "Smart City Kayseri" mobile application is actively used. A lot of awareness for tradesmen arises from the mobile application. Citizens will be able to safely reach the companies registered in the chambers and easily access the service they are looking for. "

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