Shanghai to Establish a Carbon-Neutral Pilot Zone

sangay carbon neutral to create pilot zone
sangay carbon neutral to create pilot zone

Chongming County of Shanghai aims to create a worldwide carbon-neutral ecological pilot zone in the next five years. Shanghai Ecology and Environment Office officials of the relevant county signed an agreement on the implementation of the carbon neutrality initiative. The Shanghai Department of Ecology and Environment and the district government will collaborate on research on local carbon emissions and establishing innovation platforms and technologies.

Officials announced that Chongming will actively support the concept of "green living" in the environment, energy, transportation and production areas. Accordingly, the district will follow a low carbon dioxide emission strategy in transportation, construction activity and other industries. In the past five years, despite the steady increase in natural gas consumption, carbon emissions have decreased. The development of clean energy types such as solar energy (photovoltaic energy) and wind energy has reduced the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions. Now, under a new five-year plan, Shanghai will surpass the peak of carbon emissions by 2025, five years ahead of what is nationally targeted.

Chongming is an island and contains one third of Shanghai city's woodland and farmland. On the other hand, there are two important water sources, Dongfengxisha and Qingcaosha cisterns / basins. As much as 30 percent of Chongming's total area is already covered by forest. Natural wet zones will cover an area of ​​at least 2025 square kilometers by 2.

Source: China International Radio

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