Industry 4.0 and the Future of Robots Layed on the Table

The future of industry and robots was put on the table
The future of industry and robots was put on the table

Standing out with its advanced technology products in many sectors from home to space, Mitsubishi Electric participated in the "Technology-Industry-Digital Transformation 4.0" event organized by the Tax Inspectors Association.

Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Product Management and Marketing Unit Manager Tolga Bizel; as a company, shared the solutions they offered to prepare manufacturers for Industry 4.0 and their predictions in the field of robot technologies with the participants.

industrialists and infrastructure, significant investments and operations in the digital conversion of areas where an ambitious partner for projects in Turkey Raises Mitsubishi life Electric, Tax Inspectors organized by the Association "Technology-Industry-Digital Conversion 4.0" joined the online activity. Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Product Management and Marketing Unit Manager Tolga Bizel shed light on the current developments in Industry 4.0 and robot technologies in the event moderated by IQ Vision CEO Murat Hekim.

Small and accessible factories are coming

Stating that digitalization is not possible without human transformation, Tolga Bizel continued his words as follows: “In Japan, the pioneer of digitalization, studies are carried out in the human and community center. In this country, a culture in which people transform together with factories has started to prevail, and work continues in the Community 5.0 concept. The whole world has been undergoing a tremendous transformation for a year and societies have started to adapt rapidly. This transformation will continue rapidly in the field of production. Instead of traditional factories spreading over thousands of square meters, we will enter the era of small, cellularized factories that can respond to the instant changing needs of the consumer and can be accessed from anywhere regardless of location. It is possible to foresee a future where houses will turn into factories and 3D printers can produce shoes that are needed instantly, for example. "

"The tasks required by change should not be feared"

Referring to Turkey's digitization process bizelesin; "As one of the most powerful production stage production centers in most regions of Turkey in the Industry 3.0 has already passed. Our industrialists have the awareness and motivation to carry us to the new phase of the industry, but the financial burden of change is one of the most contemplated issues. However, the fact that the production does not digitalize rapidly will cause much more risks in the future and may make the industrialists who cannot adapt to the transformation unable to compete. There are manufacturers who cannot change their habits yet, as well as many industrialists who have already started to fulfill the requirements of digitalization. "In order to survive in the future, one should not be afraid of the tasks required by digitalization and change."

Mitsubishi Electric as since manufacturers from 2003 Industry 4.0, and they are trying to prepare to stage these experiences bizelesin explaining that they share with industrialists in Turkey, "We examined Turkey's most important appliances with digital conversion engineers of factory development in our Kani factories in Japan prior to the pandemic. Turkey in this industry how our practice we worked on the factory can be adapted. As Mitsubishi Electric, we always listen to what the manufacturers need and support our industrialists in their digitalization journey in the most effective way in line with their needs ”.

"Robots will take place in our 5G compatible cards will soon be in Turkey"

Tolga Bizel, who stated that intensive studies were carried out on 5G at Mitsubishi Electric's headquarters in Japan, continued his words as follows: “We will see many new products in both factory automation and communication, which is our company's other field of activity, in the market in the coming period. Robots will be located in the safe production and to enable integration with 5G cards also recently been trying to bring to Turkey. We are especially excited about the 5G technology that will provide a secure communication system without data loss. "

Unemployment is very low in Japan, where automation is most used

Stating that robots with software can do the work of humans easily and with fewer errors, Bizel said that human beings will always remain at the center of production and completed his words as follows: “We have been watching that robots will bring the end of humanity in interesting movie scenarios for many years. However, in the world order where technology is used for the benefit of human beings, such a situation is of course out of the question. We humans will continue to work in creative jobs, while robots will be able to do things we shouldn't have. If a worker who closes the cover during his / her work is given the opportunity, it will definitely be possible to work in more creative jobs that require experience. A robot can reproduce pictures of a famous painter within the software installed, but never be a painter to mark history. We can never compete with a robot that can calculate, but we will not be unemployed just because the robot is doing calculations for us. The very low unemployment rates in Japan, one of the countries with the most automation in production lines, is the best proof of this situation.

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