Love Cat For Your Health

love cat for your health
love cat for your health

📩 01/03/2021 11:18

Scientific research shows that love for animals causes the secretion of oxytocin and serotonin hormones in humans.

It is known that these hormones, which are called happiness hormones, are also released when chocolate and similar candies are eaten. When viewed as a cause-effect relationship; While adopting an animal instead of eating the weight-gaining chocolates leads to a healthier body, our lovely friends also have a warm home.

Happiness hormones are on the rise

Altınbaş University Lect. See. Clinical Psychologist İrem Burcu Kurşun stated that the rate of pet adoption of individuals has increased with the effect of the pandemic process in recent studies and said:
“Caring for and loving a living creature increases the secretion of the happiness hormone in humans. Having another creature in the house is especially good for individuals who live alone. Single people often talk about skipping needs such as eating and self-care. Especially after adopting a cat, the number of individuals who say that they get used to cleaning the house more and that they become more organized is quite high. He can prepare food for himself while preparing the cat's food, and he can also clean the surroundings while cleaning the sand. When there is a creature that will give care, meeting his needs activates the person.

It positively affects mental health

Stating that cats were preferred more during the pandemic period, especially because they are more suitable for home life, Kurşun said, “There are researches that the growth of children with pets is also good for their mental health in terms of development of children. It can both calm the child and teach the sense of responsibility, how to behave and share with another creature. Pets can be the child's first playmate and an important bond can develop between them. "Studies show the positive effect of bonding with pets on our mental health," he said.

Stating that it is quite understandable that individuals who started to spend more time at home during the epidemic days, it is quite understandable that they want to spend time with a living creature, “The presence of another creature there when the person is working is good for him. Sometimes, when the cat comes and wants to be loved, there is a state of relaxation and feeling good about bonding because of that warmth. "As you spend time with the cat, bonding with it and the feeling of well-being brought about by hormones help people cope with their general anxiety," he said.

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