The Importance of Natural Appearance in Hair Transplantation!

The importance of natural appearance in hair transplantation
The importance of natural appearance in hair transplantation

Hair Transplant Center Coordinator Engin Sönmez stated that natural appearance is very important in hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation Center Coordinator Engin Sönmez stated that the channels where the hair follicles taken from the donor area should be opened at right angles for a natural appearance during the hair transplantation process, said, “The hair may grow in the wrong direction due to the wrong opened channels, which may disturb the person who has the hair transplantation. Here, the experience of the hair transplant specialist is very important. Successful operations are generally performed and no serious problems are encountered after hair transplantation. However, this question needs to be answered in more detail. The questions about the success rate or can I have a successful operation vary depending on many factors, ”he said.

Explaining that two methods of hair transplantation come to the fore today, Hair Transplantation Center Coordinator Engin Sönmez said, “One is the method we call FUE technique and the other is the classical method called FUT technique. In both of these methods, the success rate of hair transplantation is very high. However, in order to have a successful hair transplant operation, the hair should have a natural appearance and the hairline should be determined very well. If the hairline is determined incorrectly, the hair will not have a natural appearance. For this reason, the specialist doctor is of great importance in determining the hairline. The doctor and the patient act jointly in determining the hairline, which can vary according to many different factors. However, the hairline should be determined in accordance with the person's head structure. Even if you want very contradictory hair lines, your specialist may not allow it. This means that you need to trust a forward-thinking doctor with a strong aesthetic look. Because what the doctor, who has been doing hair transplantation for a long time and is an expert in his job, is of great importance for you ”.

Stating that hair transplantation operations are generally performed over a certain amount in our country, Sönmez said, “Except for a few differences, there is a price of around one lira per graft. However, this amount may increase according to the clinic, the expertise and experience of the doctor. It is not very possible to find prices below one lira per graft alone. Although the price is not seen as important for a successful hair transplant, you have to pay the required price to get a quality service.

Considering that your life will change and you will have a different appearance after the operation, we cannot say that the price is very important considering the psychological effects. A successful hair transplant and obtaining a natural appearance rather than the price is one of the primary points that should be given priority. If the person is careful after a good operation, it is always possible to get very successful results in hair transplantation. "Since the transplanted hair will have the characteristics of the nape area, it will not fall out for life".

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