Takes the Morning Bus, Dealing with Art

Driving the morning bus, the evening is dealing with art
Driving the morning bus, the evening is dealing with art

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer has increased the female employment rate in the municipality from 18,3 percent to 23,6 percent with the positive discrimination she has provided for women since the day she took office. One of the women employed was Merve Sağ, an art teacher who started working as a bus driver a year ago. Sağ, 30, stated that her childhood dream was to be a driver. Sağ, who succeeded in what she was told, "You can't, you can't do it" did not sever its ties with art. Sağ, who brought the Atatürk bust she made to the unit where she worked, said, "A woman can do anything after she wants."

He took the municipality's driving exams 1 year ago

The Metropolitan Municipality has been announced for the purchase of 10 bus drivers on February 2019, 184. As a result of the interviews held with the participation of 744 candidates, 450 candidates were entitled to take the final stage, the steering test. Merve Sağ was one of those who took the exam. Sağ had said the following in the driver's seat she sat for the exam a year ago;

“I don't see this job as a man's job and I believe I will succeed. I think equality had to be established and our President started to achieve this in our city. I want to achieve this job, which is seen as a man's job, and ensure continuity. "

Achieved what was said 'no way, you can't'

Merve Sağ became one of the women who qualified for employment and started to work as a bus driver in the Metropolitan Municipality. Sağ has successfully carried out her duty for a year, regardless of traffic jams, difficult roads and public pressure. Contrary to those who say 'no way, you can't do it', he did not give up his dream of being small and showed everyone that women can also use buses. The driver's cabin became Sağ's home.

At the end of 1 year "The roads of the city are entrusted to us "

Right, at the end of a year he left behind in the seat of the bus driver, said, “It was my dream to drive a bus since a young age, I am happy that I finally made it happen. Like all women, I got a reaction. I got a lot of reactions like 'you can't do it', 'the bus is too big', 'there will be an accident', 'you can't do it' but I think I showed that I can. That's why I am very happy. We have shown the power of women to everyone. The roads of the city are entrusted to us when we wake up early in the morning, in the evening, and during the day. Our passengers are entrusted to us. Sometimes we become their sisters, mothers and aunts. As women, we are also on these paths. Our president Vahap Seçer opened this door for us, enabled us to walk, I thank him very much. We are also on these roads, ”he said.

He studied Art Teaching at the university

Saying that he has been driving since the age of 18, Sağ entered the talent exams and completed his university education at Çukurova University Faculty of Education, Art Education Teaching, Sculpture Department. Sağ, who never broke the connection between painting and sculpture, made a bust of Atatürk in the workshop of his friend Yusuf Ziyahan Marangoz. The bust he made was placed in front of the unit in the metropolitan public transportation vehicle campus. Stating that she spent most of her time outside of work in her friend's workshop, Merve Sağ said, “We are continuing our studies here because we are both graduates of the fine arts faculty. It is very enjoyable to continue this, at least for hobby purposes. I do my job fondly, I enjoy driving a vehicle. Then I usually spend my remaining time here, ”he said.

His chauffeur friends also supported Sağ

Merve Sağ has carefully placed the Atatürk bust she made at the entrance of the unit where she works. Emphasizing that he fondly performs his work and his art, Sağ, "I have been trying to perform my duty in the best way for a year. After a woman wants it, she can do anything. "I can both drive the bus and do my sculpture work," he said. Sağ added that she received great support from her colleagues from the stage of bust making to the unit being placed in the unit and said, “Atatürk is always in our hearts. Thanks to our driver brothers and sisters, they were very helpful. We prepared the pedestal together. I just designed the bust of Atatürk. But a good result came out, "he said.

Bülent Mavi, one of the drivers who helped in the preparation of the pedestal, said, “Ms. Merve did it, well done. It was very nice. We needed such a bust for our superior. We helped him with his surroundings. We corrected these places together, ”he said.

"Our municipality is honored by our female drivers to sign such works."

Public Transport Branch Directorate Public Transport Chief Sertaç Açıkbaş emphasized that a good work was put forward, and said:

“The fact that our female drivers and such talented friends put their signature to such works makes us proud and honored as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. Our staff worked seriously in the section from the transportation of the materials here to the construction, and they poured a sweat. "



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