First Regulation for Risky Buildings Bayraklıabout

For risky buildings, the first arrangement is flagged
For risky buildings, the first arrangement is flagged

The first step after the decision of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at the extraordinary Municipal Council meeting on March 1 to affect the transformation of risky buildings Bayraklı It came from the municipality. Bayraklı The zoning plan note prepared by the Municipal Council was unanimously approved by the CHP, AK Party, MHP and IYI Party.

The third meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality March council meeting was held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center under the direction of Mustafa Özuslu, Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Passing by the extraordinary Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council on March 1; After the 30 October earthquake, the first step is the transformation of the buildings that were determined to be severely and moderately damaged and the structures that received a license before 1998 or the law numbered 6306, which were the most damaged areas in the earthquake. Bayraklıcame from. Bayraklı The 1/1000 scale zoning plan note proposal made by the Municipal Council was unanimously accepted by the Metropolitan Council.

Let the Izmir model come to life

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu thanked everyone for their support and said, “The sensitivity shown by our council with the opposition of our council on the issues related to zoning legislation and zoning is a very pleasing picture for a more livable and more beautiful Izmir. Our President Tunç Soyer wants; Let the building stock of Izmir change, get a turnkey urban transformation model that is really desired in Izmir. So let the Izmir model come to life. Every citizen of ours; By changing his home in the neighborhood where he lived, was born and grew up, let him have the right to live in a more livable city, where his basic needs are met, and he has not lost anything of his right. Tunç Soyer came with the vision of changing the face of İzmir, with the dream of "Another İzmir is possible" and taking the votes of the people. Since there was nothing left to us in 2 years, Allah tested us with these disasters and said, "Are you resilient? Let's see if you can rule this city." "The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Assembly, the bureaucracy and the President all came out of here with all their honors," he said.

Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal thanked everyone who contributed to the process.

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