Rahmi M.Koç Museum Reopened: The Unique Museum Experience Is Again In Physical Environment

The womb is opened again, the unique experience of the museum is again in a physical environment.
The womb is opened again, the unique experience of the museum is again in a physical environment.

📩 02/03/2021 14:02

Transportation Turkey's first and only museum of industrial history, reflecting developments in the communications industry and the Rahmi M. Koç Museum, opened its doors as of March 1. Social distance and hygiene measures are applied in the museum, which offers its visitors the opportunity to navigate among the legends of history in a safe environment.

Beauty intertwined with the history of Istanbul, which has a unique view of the Golden Horn Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Turkey's first and only museum that features the industry remains 27 years. The Rahmi M.Koç Museum, which appeals to all age groups with over 14 thousand objects, was visited with Google Street View when it was closed due to Covid-19, online education activities continued and continued to interact with culture and art enthusiasts with the current content shared on social media accounts. The museum brings its rich collection together with its visitors in a physical environment by following social distance and hygiene measures.

The museum, from the 1898 model Malden Steam Car to the first 1963 model Anadol; From the steamship machine models to the Sultan Abdulaziz's Sultanate Wagon, from the transit telescope to the original patented model of the Edison telegraph, it mirrors the history of industry with objects from different periods. The shops on Nostalgic Street also take visitors on a stroll in the 19th century.

Online workshops continue

Children continue to meet art and science in workshops that are temporarily held online due to the pandemic. In the workshops that will take place throughout March, children between the ages of 5 and 14 are trained in different areas from design to renewable energy, from electricity to communication devices. Before the workshops, the relevant parts of the museum can be visited online, and children can have fun by designing what they see according to their own imaginations.

The workshops, which are prepared in accordance with the goals and behaviors of the children, are held every Saturday at 13.00:60 with the training kit and with the narration of the museum instructors. In order to participate in the workshops that will take 20 minutes, it is necessary to call the Education Department of the museum or make a reservation via muzeegitimi@rmk-museum.org.tr. Participation in workshops held with the Zoom application is limited to XNUMX people. After the registration process is completed and the workshop fee is paid, the training kit is sent to the specified addresses by cargo. There are different materials in the training kit according to the subject of the workshops.

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