What Is PDKS and What Does It Do?

what is pdks
what is pdks

PDKS, as a term also known as the abbreviation of personnel attendance control systems, is a system that provides the follow-up of all working processes of the personnel in accordance with the working conditions directly in factories, corporate workplaces, business or private construction sites, and calculates them by automation in accordance with all specified conditions and parameters, is software. Today, this type of system is always important in workplaces where the concepts of overtime and overtime are present. kazanis preferred and preferred.

To create a situation that will affect the payroll parameters with the presence of an extremely strong and reliable missing work, plus points or additional overtime wages in cases of overtime, or similarly. PDKS The works such as ensuring that the entrance and exit controls are made in the healthiest and without human error are the best systems available today. These personnel attendance control systems, which are widely preferred in many areas, also benefit from many advantages.

What are the Advantages of PDKS?

In large areas such as schools, factories, hospitals, businesses or construction sites where hundreds and even thousands of people work, these systems are preferred in order to get information about when the staff will come to work, whether they have overtime and what the situation is directly reflected in their salary. is.

Used to affect salaries in today's conditions Personnel Attendance Control Systems Fingerprint reader, card pass, face recognition systems and many similar electronic systems are used for. With PDKS systems, you can get web-based or desktop-based reporting and accordingly, you can get the calculation of all additional overtime wages that will affect the salaries as well as reporting the people who have official leave, paid and unpaid leave from the staff at the end of the month.

In places where the number of personnel is very high, it is very difficult to keep regular records every day if it is not connected to the system. Especially if it is to be done by human beings, keeping records every day, systems are important in order to eliminate errors in many aspects, both emotional and human error. In this way, it is very important at this stage that businesses prefer PDKS systems in such a way that they will eliminate wrong accounts such as forgotten or skipped people.

The thing that best strengthens trust among businesses and increases working efficiency is businesses that have a large - large volume in direct proportion to the number of personnel. Today, the manual system, in which salary calculations and payroll calculations are made in the most accurate way, creates difficulties for you in many aspects of your calculations. However, with PDKS, all data are presented to you in reports on the basis of day, week, month. At this point ICS With the personnel attendance control systems provided by the company, you will be able to use based on automation.

In salary calculations or performance score calculations, you make your entry and exit records in the best way to obtain concrete information, and in the best way, you make your choices with the regularity of the reports. In this sense, it is not a complicated step, and you will be able to provide your options in the best way without effort.

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