Traffic Will Decrease With The Change In The Parking Lot Regulation

With the change in parking regulations, traffic will decrease
With the change in parking regulations, traffic will decrease

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Authority ILBANK 2020 General Assembly in his speech, modern parking producing traffic jams, the Authority stating that they reduce the vehicle density cities, anywhere in Turkey, especially to solve the traffic problems in the city center park projects, said they started to produce in different cities.

Reminding that the new Parking Regulation has been published in the Official Gazette today, the Authority gave the following information:

“We introduced the application of parking obligation according to the size of the flats. At least 80 parking lot for every 3 flats smaller than 1 square meters, at least 80 parking lot for each 120 flats between 2 square meters and 1 square meters, at least 120 parking lot for each flat between 180 square meters and 1 square meters, and 180 parking spaces for each flat over 2 square meters We made the decision to separate. We have removed the requirement that the parking lot must first be provided in the basement of the building. We have paved the way for it to be done in the basement of the building or in the gardens and under the gardens of the building, according to demand. District municipalities will also be able to build regional car parks from now on. We have brought a requirement to arrange electric vehicle parking spaces in new buildings with a minimum number of mandatory parking lots of more than 20, as well as in shopping malls and regional car parks. This is hopefully our electric car will be delivered to our country in 2023. kazanvery important in the context of Again, we have made it mandatory for electric charging stations to be fast charging in all shopping malls. With our new regulation, we will both reduce the traffic density and meet the parking needs of our citizens. In addition, we will ensure that all our municipalities are much more effective in this regard.”

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