Giant Digital Meeting for Turkish-German Cooperation in Automotive

giant digital meeting for Turkish-German cooperation in automotive
giant digital meeting for Turkish-German cooperation in automotive

Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Union (OIB) and the Automotive Parts Association Supply Industry (TAYSAD) signed an important organization by the purpose of enhancing the existing cooperation and investment potential in the automotive sector in Turkey and Germany were discarded.

Ministry of Commerce and the Turkey Promotion Group Turkey Exporters Assembly support (TTG) to establish a bridge between the two countries under the project in order held by video conference "The Future of Turkish-German Automotive Industry" Conference and Workshop was held between 13 and 20 February. Hundreds of representatives from the automotive sector of the two countries attended the conference titled “The Future of Turkish-German Automotive Sectors”, which was held for the first time within the scope of the event.

At the conference hosted by OIB Board Chairman Baran Çelik and TAYSAD President Alper Kanca, TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş also attended the conference as the main speaker and shared his views on the transformation in automotive and new disruptive trends.

Steel: "Turkey is an important part of the European value chain"

Speaking at the opening of the conference, OIB Board Chairman Baran Çelik drew attention to the fact that the Turkish automotive industry is an important part of the European and German value chains. Baran Çelik said, “The Turkish automotive industry ranks fourth in motor vehicle production in Europe and at the forefront in bus production. Turkey, 14 cars and commercial vehicles factory and 6.750 small, medium-sized and large suppliers with a significant position in the world - not only in production, but also in research and development. The conference, which we meet for our goals for Germany, which hosts Europe's largest motor vehicle market, is a joint work for Turkish engineers, managers and sector representatives working in the German automotive industry. "We will have effective and wide-ranging promotions in the UK and France, where we will explain the power of the Turkish automotive industry."

Hook: "Turkey can be a springboard"

In his speech at the opening of the conference, TAYSAD President Alper Kanca emphasized the new cooperation and investment opportunities to be realized with Germany. Alper Kanca said, “With the event, the feet of the bridge between the two countries are coming together. We have a highly business-friendly environment in Turkey. We have an excellent geographic location that facilitates qualified and motivated employees and managers, low energy prices, access to multiple sales and raw material markets. Turkey, Africa, can be a springboard to the Middle East and Central Asia, "he said.

Karakaş: "TOGG is a technology company"

Turkey's car, the main speaker of the conference tOGGer Karakas, CEO GurcanTurkoglu with the rules of the game in the automotive sector customers around the world in his speech that began by emphasizing that changed their expectations; “Nowadays, the automobile has become a new living space with the transformation of the automobile into a smart device. We witness a transformation similar to mobile phones in automobiles. While people prefer to live in smart homes, smart cities and environments today, they expect this situation to be reflected in automobiles. Smart homes, smart buildings and all kinds of smart transportation are somehow integrated into the car. The automotive industry needs to keep up with this change in order to make a profit in the upcoming period. In the near future, 40 percent of the profits of the automotive industry will consist of new trends in new cars. This rate will increase day by day, ”he said.

Karakaş said, “As TOGG, we will increase the localization rate of 51 percent to 68,8 percent on this road we have just entered. our most important objective is to create the core of one of Turkey's mobility ecosystem. "We take care to make the lives of the users easier after the innate smart vehicle we will produce is produced."
Karakaş stated that their doors are open to those who live abroad and want to take part in this project; “I express it in terms of the engineering profession. Competence allows you to find work anywhere in the world. Therefore, do not limit yourself to one country. If there is a space where you can make your dreams come true, go wherever you see chance in that area without thinking. Those with big dreams can go to other places from where they are. Small dreams cannot go beyond where they are ”, he said.

Brand and design TOGG which is registered in European Union countries, will be released to the market before the end of 2022 in Turkey. The construction of the production facilities of the vehicles to be produced in Gemlik in the Marmara Region continues in accordance with the schedule. As of February 2021, the company, which has 346 employees, will have 4300 employees when it reaches full capacity.

Turkish automotive exports are made predominantly to the EU

Chairman of the Conference Board of OIB Baran Steel and TAYSAD Deputy Chairman Kemal printer and Turkey Turkish automotive sector has made informative presentations about the project Promotion Group. TAYSAD TAYSAD President, Vice President Alper hook in Alberta transparent "Turkey Automobile Sector What is and What is Not? He made a presentation titled “Strengths, Skills, Competencies, What You Don't Know About the Turkish Automotive Industry”. In the presentations, besides introductory information about OIB and TAYSAD, information such as member profiles of both institutions, export volumes, trade volumes with Germany, countries they trade in, export markets and strengths were shared with the participants.

Participants were satisfied with the workshop

Within the scope of the event, workshops with detailed information sharing were organized with 10 different sessions under the moderation of OIB - TAYSAD Presidents, Vice Presidents, Members and leading names of the automotive industry. “How does the German automotive industry see the Turkish supplier industry? Of which Turkey is waiting for opportunities and risks? " Answers such as questions were sought. Participants in the workshops, which also attracted great interest from Germany, stated that they were satisfied with the organization.

Workshop sessions

OIB Chairman Baran Steel - ITO Chairman of Şekib Avdagiç "Turkey Labor and Business Opportunities in the Automotive Industry"

President of TAYSAD Alper Kanca –TOGG Strategy & Business Development Özgür Özel - Home –IX CEO Mehmet Arzıman - Eatron Technologies Managing Director Dr. Umut Genç "Cooperation of Start-Up Initiatives in Germany with the Turkish Automotive Sector"

OIB Board Vice President Orhan Sabuncu - Maysan Mando General Manager Tülay Hacıoğlu Şengül "New Trends and the Effects of the Covid-19 Outbreak on the German and Turkish Automotive Sector"

OİB Board Vice President Murat Senir - TAYSAD Vice President Kemal Yazıcı “Mobility: Position of German and Turkish Industry”

OİB Board Member Gökhan Tunçdöken - TAYSAD Board Member Çağatay Dündar "New Trends and the Effects of the Covid-19 Outbreak on the German and Turkish Automotive Sector"

OIB Board Member Yüksel Öztürk - ZF Group Managing Director Kazım Eryılmaz “Mobility: Position of German and Turkish Industry”

JIM Board Member Danube Arıncı - JIM DK Member Ali İhsan Yeşilova "Turkey Labor and Business Opportunities in the Automotive Industry"

OIB Board Member Ömer Burhanoğlu - TAYSAD Export Increase Group Leader Atacan Güner “Mobility: Position of German and Turkish Industry”

Mercedes Benz Europe Truck Group Supply Chain and Sub-Industry Management Seyfi Özot - Workshop Coordinator Şevket Akınlar “The Capabilities of the Turkish Automotive Industry and its View from Germany, Opportunities and Risks”

Faurecia Quality Manager Ali Umutlu - Audi Overseas Purchasing Offices Harun Demir “The Capabilities of the Turkish Automotive Industry and its View from Germany, Opportunities and Risks”

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