The Art of Finding Customers Becomes a Book

the art of finding visitors became a book
the art of finding visitors became a book

The book, The Art of Finding Customers B2B Marketing, in which Recep Akbayrak, the author of the Factory Focused Marketing Book, explains business management and inter-company marketing, has been published.

The Art of Finding Customers, which is written in two different formats different from the usual business books, B2B Marketing has the feature of being read in the format of business books for those who want and novels for those who want.

Application examples are included

"Nowadays, companies are more sales-oriented than ever before, and the benefit of marketing is often measured as 'successful if sales happened or unsuccessful if not'." Recep Akbayrak explains how to do marketing in such an age, along with practical examples.

Marketing for domestic market and export

The Art of Finding Customers, B2B Marketing, published under the signature of ST Kitap Yayınevi, tells about the intricacies of investing in a brand while doing marketing to find customers. In the book, both domestic marketing and marketing for export are explained with separate examples.

Sectoral focus system

Recep Akbayrak explains the sectoral focus system, which he has been continuously developing for 21 years, through the concept of 'The Art of Finding Customers'. Akbayrak says, "No matter how much the purchasing preferences of the customer change, the sectoral focus system can still be applied".

The book itself will be a marketing example

"Customers Finding art in, of all time in Turkey Akbayrak said the best-selling marketing and sales of books published in that target," This is how a marketing plot to keep the target and be given regular information to the press about what their results. " stated.

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