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Avoid losing important files on your computer. The backup can save the contents of your computer if it is hacked or corrupted. It comes with software called Backup in Windows, but that's not great. Then it is usually better to rely on third-party programs. Here is a piece to process your backups free software we have listed.

Backup to Keep Data Safe

Losing your important files, pictures or other content on your computer is a really bad experience. Almost all of us came across this, we could not stand up and find the files you were looking for, we suddenly saw them disappear. But backups are more than lost files! For example, if you don't have a security suite installed on your devices and you're suddenly getting unexpected visits, it's always nice to know that you have a complete backup of all data.

The principle of the backup software is almost the same in all vehicles. You create a pseudo-job with information about what needs to be backed up, where the copy should be stored, and when it should be done.

MiniTool ShadowMaker 3.6

You may also need a new computer and want to make a copy of all your files, so a backup program is essential. There are a number of backup options available on the market today, both local systems and online backups in the cloud.

We came to the conclusion that our absolute favorite is MiniTool ShadowMaker, capable of backing up almost any type:

• Full backup - the same as you can guess from the name of this genre, it requires backing up all files and folders as well as the PC.
• Incremental backup - does not provide storage of files created since the last backup and all modified by modifying them.
• Differential Backup - a type of backup file and storage folder that contains the last full backup created after everything else remains.

Schedule Backup

Backing up your files can sometimes be as simple as copying all important files to an external hard drive that you would otherwise keep in a safe place. But it doesn't help in all situations. The MiniTool ShadowMaker schedule backup feature can help you back up a specific file or the entire computer, at least in some cases.

For example, if your computer is running around the clock, it would be wise to allow this to happen when you are not using the computer, as you may not be able to work with it when it is backed up.

Create Windows Images with MiniTool ShadowMaker

To use system images, you must have a system repair disc. It is a USB stick that you can boot and both try to repair Windows if it crashes, and recover from a system image if it doesn't work.

Windows built-in imaging tools back up everything on your hard drive, including the operating system and all programs, settings, and files. A system image is the best way to protect your Windows installation.

After launching the application, the user enters the main menu where several options for action can be selected. In this case we are dealing with the backup and restore section. You can choose a copy of exactly what you need to create. If the amount of media is large enough, you can use the full copy or a system image You can create.

Windows built-in tools are not as comprehensive as the specified MiniTool ShadowMaker, but should be sufficient for a regular home user.

In Conclusion

The operating system and the contents of the computer memory are generally subject to any change and in some cases may result in the loss of total or partial user information, operating system failure.

In the framework of this review, we introduced the program that allows you to back up your information. As a rule, its functionality is comparable to and even surpasses standard Windows Backup tools.

Worst of all, we hope you have invested in a good backup software before. If not, now is definitely time to test MiniTool ShadowMaker.

The right backup software can quickly save your day. The unpleasant truth is that a disaster can happen at any time and threaten digital media and files. It's no wonder companies have been interested in securing their data for years. Losing important data can threaten both business operations and personal data security, and can quickly become very costly.

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