Minister Pekcan Announces Foreign Trade Figures for February

minister pekcan subat announces foreign trade figures
minister pekcan subat announces foreign trade figures

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan stated that they want women to become producers and exporters by developing their business while supporting active participation of women in economic life, and said, “In this context, we will be launching our platforms such as the National Women Exporter Network Platform and Angel Investor Platform in the upcoming period.” said.

Ministers Pekcan, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) President Ismail Shot at a press conference and attended the March 8 International Women's Day thus TIM Women Council member, has announced the export figures for February.

Pekcan, meeting stated that Turkey Exporters Assembly delighted to perform with the Women's Council, March 8 approaching, he said that all the women celebrate International Women's Day.

Pointing out that the role and labor of women are great in production and export, Pekcan said, "We know that we will continue our breakthroughs in production and export with the determination, creativity and productivity of our women." he spoke.

"We carry out many focus studies with women"

Pekcan pointed out that, as the Ministry, they provide financial support as well as training, network and mentoring support for women to be more involved in economic life and become entrepreneurs and exporters, and that they carry out many focus activities with women through the Women and Young Entrepreneurs Export Department they have established within the Ministry.

Pekcan emphasized that they had the satisfaction of reaching thousands of women from different provinces directly within the framework of the Women Entrepreneur Network Program and the Export Academy Program.

“While we support the active participation of our women in economic life, we also want them to develop their businesses and become producers and exporters. Within this framework, we will be launching our platforms such as National Women Exporter Network Platform and Angel Investor Platform in the upcoming period. "

"Türk Eximbank applies interest rate cuts to women entrepreneurs"

Stating that they continue to support the cooperatives in order to strengthen the dynamics of women entrepreneurship, especially in rural and local areas, Pekcan stated that they focus the Support of Cooperatives (KOOP-DES) Program on women's cooperatives within this framework.

Pekcan said, “In the last 41 months, we supported 139 sustainable projects, which are on the ground, of 149 women's cooperatives operating in 6 provinces. Our total support amount was 14 million 500 thousand TL. " gave the information.

In addition, Pekcan reminded that Türk Eximbank, in terms of financial support, offers interest discounts to women entrepreneurs, and in addition to these activities, digital resources such as the Ministry's Virtual Trade Academy, e-Commerce Academy, Easy Export Platform and Easy Support Website will enable all businesspeople and women to activate their economic activities. He reported that he provided great benefit at the point.

Pekcan stated that they are pleased with the intense interest that women entrepreneurs show to the said resources of the Ministry, and said, "In the upcoming period, we will continue our activities for our women with our different projects and programs." said.

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