3.5 Million Volt Lightning Test Facility for National Fighter Aircraft

million volt lightning test facility for national combat aircraft
million volt lightning test facility for national combat aircraft

The guest of Fatih Altaylı in HaberTürk, Turkish Aerospace Industries, General Manager of TUSAŞ, Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil made statements about the National Combat Aircraft Project. Temel Kotil gave information about the test infrastructures to be established for the MMU. Within the scope of the National Combat Aircraft Project, the Lightning Test Facility, which is located in a number of countries and allows air platforms to be tested against the effects of lightning, has been delivered to Turkey. kazanbeing yelled. Temel Kotil aims to provide a 3.5 million volt infrastructure to the country with the Lightning Test Facility. kazanannounced that he would.

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) to be established in accordance with the contract signed between Hızal LTD Lightning Test Facility will be the first for Turkey.

About the Lightning Test Facility

In the laboratories to be located at the Yıldırım Test Facility, aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms, subsystems, components and materials will be tested against direct and indirect lightning effects. In the facility, where there will be test devices capable of producing impulse voltages from thousand volts to million volts, all systems will be national and will be available with local facilities.

Facility; aircraft, helicopters and UAVs will be in dimensions, infrastructure, capacity and equipment that can be fully tested.

Lightning Test Facility with Turkey, who designed the original end platforms and infrastructure will have a capability possessed by each country. Design and production can be carried out in line with the tests to be made under real lightning conditions and effects. Design and productions can be tested and verified in relevant international military technical standards.

lightning tests of military platforms made abroad before thanks to this facility to be built in Turkey. This will economically reduce costs, shorten the time for testing processes, and provide confidentiality in critical and strategic designs. Expert personnel and expert engineers and technicians in the fields of directed energy will be trained with the work to be carried out at the facility.

The facility will include High Voltage Lightning Direct Effects Test Laboratory, High Voltage Lightning Indirect Effects Test Laboratory, high current and fuel test system tests, test measurement systems control rooms, workshop and support units, and personnel areas.

Hizal LTD, a member of the OSTIM Defense and Aviation Cluster, will undertake the design and production of the high voltage and high current generators as well as the test measurement systems of the laboratories to be located in the Yıldırım Test Facility.

Hızal LTD, which will provide training and consultancy services in the commissioning of its facility, will also perform joint manufacturing, design, advanced engineering analysis and service purchases with OSTİM Technical University and OSSA member Molekulas AŞ in training and integrated logistics support.


Hızal LTD has put nearly 1972 thousand high voltage and high current machines, test and measurement systems in various models and powers to the service of industry and universities in Turkey and abroad (Portugal, Russia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan) since 3. The company has been involved in defense industry projects as a consultant and solution partner since 2000 with high voltage technologies.

Source: defenceturk

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