The Process in Mersin Metro Project Continues with Sure Steps

mersin metro project continues with sure steps
mersin metro project continues with sure steps

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer stated that the Metro project continues with firm steps and said, “I know what I do. As long as there is no reasonable price, I am not a politician who intends to make a political decision, not just in the subway, but in any other investment.

The First Reunion of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipal Council's March 2021 Meeting was held at the Congress and Exhibition Center under the presidency of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer. A total of 18 items, 2 from the administration and 20 from the commissions, were discussed in the parliament. The important issues discussed in the assembly were the short-time working allowance, the subway tender and the extension of the Mersin Port.

Landowners who opposed the industrial site planned to be established in the district of Davultepe in Mezitli district welcomed President Seçer at the entrance of the Congress and Exhibition Center before the meeting. Seçer said to the residents of Davultepe, “I have that job. There is no problem there. I will even come there, I said. I was going to come before, the mukhtars could not make the arrangements themselves. Now I'll make an adjustment and come. You make your production, ”he said.

Seçer, responded to the short work grant criticism

Responding to the criticism of the council members about the short-time work allowance, Seçer said, “I have neither an authority nor a situation that requires me to give information on this matter. The laws are clear. I'm not the legislator. I am not the one who invented the short work allowance. I am not the one who issued the decree. It is clearly written how I will do an application there, ”he said. Seçer, on the other hand, gave the following response to the allegations of political action in short-time work allowance:

“Do you have a document that we make any political discrimination? Or are you talking in the head? You know, an inspector came to us from the Ministry of Labor. It is your MPs who sent these inspectors, who said 'we went to meet with the ministers, the inspector will be sent' on the television screens. I'll get the report of those inspectors, frame it, hang it on the wall. It says; this is a matter of complaint. He says we did our review. Currently, the inspectors of the Ministry say that there is no race, sect or political discrimination in any subject, such as the relocation of the employees in the institution, the municipality, their dismissal. This is a very new report. So you are speaking here by heart. Someone comes and provokes you politically and you come out, so without thinking, where does this statement go, what do we accuse the President of, what do we accuse the administration of, or how the people watching us in public will be affected by this. I want to say this. We all operate within the legal framework. You cannot be a member of the Assembly here according to your mind. I cannot do the Presidency according to my head. We cannot talk or blame those who come to our mouth like that. I'm talking about that. "

"Metro project is taking firm steps forward"

Stating that the process regarding the subway tender, whose second phase was held on February 18 and the legal process continues, Seçer said, “I cannot give detailed information because the process is continuing, but those who pray for this project not to take place, those who lobby to prevent this project from happening, no matter what they do, this project is taking firm steps, it goes within the framework of logic. I know what I do. As long as the price is not reasonable, I am not a politician who is not just the metro, but whatever other investment is, I am not a politician who intends to make a political decision, that is, enough to give the tender blindfolded. We have rational staff in mind. Fortunately, we also have this experience. However, the process continues at the moment. You will see it in the coming days. There is some information that I refuse to disclose legally. When there is no problem in my statement, I will share this with the public anyway, but the subway tender that we have carried out is currently ongoing. It continues within the legal framework, ”he said.

"Let's link the expansion of the harbor to a council decision here at the next meeting"

Seçer, who also made an assessment about the expansion of the port, said to the councilors, “Make your preparations, please! The next meeting will probably be on Monday. Make your preparation. I will also come with an offer. Let everyone say they will say about the port, let's clarify. Whether the Assembly wants this or not, there is no need to bend this business at all. The parliament of the past term took this decision. The zoning regulation regarding the port expansion to be made here has already demonstrated its attitude by giving a negative opinion to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. He said 'don't do this'. As the council of the time, everyone should make their decision clearly. Let's link this to a parliamentary decision here at the next meeting. If something is done in terms of making a note in history, if we have councilors who make decisions in that direction, at least a note should be made in history ”.

"The location has been determined in the area we call the roof junction, an overpass will be built"

Making an explanation for the proposals made for the Sevgi Katlı Crossroad, which was successfully constructed and opened to traffic in a short period of 87 days, Seçer said: “Pedestrians have some demands about it. The location was determined in the area we call roof junction. Ownership because there is a problem. An overpass will be built in a place that coincides with the shortest distance. There is also a complaint that the vehicles return to the direction they came from by taking a distance at the place coinciding with the roof junction. Again, a work will be done there and it will be done in the opposite region. Now you put the project into practice, you see some deficiencies in the application after the project is over. These do not bring much cost or burden. There, too, our friends are working on issues that are missing or that we say would be good if they had. I agree with what you said. We will learn some lessons about the bridge intersection that we will build in the region of Göçmen Crossroad and implement that project accordingly. In other words, in order not to repeat the shortcomings we see here, we are working on that project accordingly. "

"I cannot be expected to remain indifferent to the objections in Davultepe"

Mayor Seçer made a statement about the Small Industrial Site to be built in Davultepe and the place reserved as the Small Industrial Site and Wholesale Trade Area in the Yenişehir District Çiftlik Quarter, which is the new agenda topic, and said, “The issue of Davultepe has been closed in a sense at this stage. A decision was made, under the conditions of that day. These decision-makers were determined from the governor of the province, which is still in office today, to the lowest mayor, relevant NGOs, chambers, officials, whoever occupied. We do not keep Metropolitan away from here. Now there was a decision for urgent expropriation. This decision was taken by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council. However, under these conditions, it is not possible for us to make expropriation there. In this case, as the Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, it is my own opinion, it is not possible for us to give way to the Small Industry investment in the 33-hectare Davultepe region where the current decision has been made. Because there is an objection. There is an objection of agricultural producers there. There is a reaction of the public. I cannot be expected to remain indifferent to this. I will do what is supposed to be, what is natural, but this does not mean that Mersin or Mezitli do not need the Small Industrial Site, of course there is, ”he said.

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