Mecidiyeköy Mahmutbey Metro Breaks Its Own Record In The Number Of Daily Passengers

first driverless metro of the european side in istanbul, million passengers carried
first driverless metro of the european side in istanbul, million passengers carried

M7 Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro, the first driverless subway of the European Side, exceeded 100 thousand passengers per day. The line, which opened on October 28, has carried 9 million passengers so far.

Kabataş M1 Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro, the 7st stage of the first driverless metro line of the European Side, which was designed between Istanbul and Esenyurt, broke its own record in the number of passengers on Monday, March 22 and reached 100.147 passengers.

The 6-kilometer line passing through a total of 18 districts in the north of the city facilitated the access of the 3 million population of this region to the business, education, entertainment and cultural areas of the European Side. M7, which has become a long-awaited service by the people of the region, has integrated metro, metrobus and tram lines at 5 different points. Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey Metro has carried over 9 million passengers so far, thanks to all these features.


Stating that the line has a carrying capacity of 700 thousand passengers, Metro Istanbul General Manager Özgür Soy said, “This line was opened during the pandemic period and it serves well below its capacity due to the conditions we are in. Still, the number of daily passengers reached in a period of 6 months for a newly opened line is pleasing. In parallel with the increasing passenger density of our line, we updated our weekday flight schedule. "We have ensured the effective use and increase of the capacity with the arrangement of train service rates and additional expedition application."

Noting that the line relieves the traffic of Istanbul even under pandemic conditions, Özgür Soy said, “We will see this effect more clearly when the conditions return to normal. Because people who had not used rail systems before started to use the metro with this line. Istanbulites had to make a few transfers to get to the city center and their choice was the highway. With the opening of the line, it became possible to come to Mecidiyeköy from Mahmutbey route without entering the traffic. Moreover, the residents of Istanbul were saved from transferring ”he said.


Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey Metro, which has wide squares and high ceilings, created a suitable place for culture and art events. During this period when the museum and exhibition areas were closed, this line hosted 6 exhibitions in the last 2 months. Line a 9-foot wall in Turkey's signing of the first 25 women were presented to the important progress made portraits of Istanbul. It is aimed to increase such artistic activities after the pandemic.

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