Discover the Seas by Flying Lujo Hotel Bodrum's New Seaplane

the trend of summer will be seaplane
the trend of summer will be seaplane

Lujo Hotel Bodrum is getting ready to offer pleasant experiences to its guests with the seaplane added to its services in the new season. The seaplane, which will attract the attention of local and foreign guests, will also be used for transportation purposes in Bodrum and its surroundings.

The Coolest Way to Explore the Surroundings

Aiming to give unforgettable memories to its guests with its new projects, Lujo is starting to offer seaplane as a transfer option in order to make even the transfers inside Bodrum more enjoyable, in line with the concept of "Art and Pleasure". With the seaplane offered in addition to helicopters, motor yachts, catamarans or VIP transfer vehicles, which were among the services of Lujo in the previous seasons, Lujo guests will now be able to make a cool entrance to many points, including Yalıkavak Marina.

Expand Your World With Different Routes

Lujo Hotel Bodrum's seaplane route is of course not limited to Bodrum. Among the planned route for those who want to see the beauty of the history of Turkey Efes, Oludeniz for those who want to experience paragliding like adventure, Fountains for those who want to spend their days a little bit different, Salt Lake for those who have wondered name heard has many options. With tour options ranging from half day to full day, Lujo's seaplane will be among the most preferred pleasures of this summer.

Give Your Hand Greek Islands

Lujo Hotel Bodrum, where Bodrum's most entertaining nights are also experienced with live performances staged every evening, offers seaplane and two-way travel routes for guests who are curious about the entertainment life of Mykonos or those who want to explore the Greek Islands such as Santorini, Kos, Rhodes.

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