LG Monitors make a name for themselves in the Healthcare Industry

lg monitors are also mentioned in the health sector
lg monitors are also mentioned in the health sector

LG Turkey, surgery and clinical review monitors from, ranging digital x-ray detector advanced technology is preferred by leading organizations in the health sector of medical products. While the 21HK512 and 32HL512 models are frequently used in radiology examination rooms, the 31HN713 12 MP diagnostic monitor plays an important role in mammography examinations.

LG Electronics (LG) has made a name for itself all over the world with its advanced technology products that facilitate the lives of consumers in different fields, as well as medical products that it offers to the health sector and will facilitate the diagnosis and diagnosis of healthcare professionals. LG, which is also preferred by the leading institutions of the Turkish health system, is the biggest assistant of radiologists and doctors with its monitors that stand out with their image quality and gray color sharpness, which is one of the most important features for radiology. While 21HK512 and 32HL512 models are preferred in radiology examination rooms, 31HN713 12 MP diagnostic monitor is preferred for mammography examinations. The most important feature of LG monitors is; The fact that it can be used as 6 screens as 2 MP ... While two separate monitors of 5 MP are generally used side by side in the health sector, LG's new products allow doctors to examine and compare two images from a single monitor.

21HK512D-B LG 3MP Diagnostic Monitor

The 21HK512D-B LG 3MP Diagnostic Monitor, standard DICOM Part 14 Gamma, allows accurate diagnosis as it adjusts the grayscale levels of medical images taken from different image capture devices. In addition, the 18-bit LUT smoothes the transition between LUT values, creating an enhanced, accurate grayscale image. The Auto Brightness sensor measures the backlight brightness balance and automatically compensates for changes in brightness caused by aging to ensure consistent consistency throughout the life of the screen. Built-in Remote and Self Calibration features help increase productivity and efficiency. It automatically converts medical images into more suitable images to make a definitive diagnosis. The ergonomic stand with rotation adjustment prevents disturbing screen content thanks to the lower cover between the two monitors, creating an optimized workspace for diagnosis.

32HL512D-B 31,5 '' 8MP (3840 × 2160) IPS Diagnostic Monitor

The 32HL512D-B Diagnostic Monitor facilitates precise diagnosis of medical images with its 31,5 inch 8MP IPS screen. The 178 ° wide viewing angle enables patients and doctors to see the correct images with minimal distortion, giving correct images from every angle. Thanks to the 32HL512D's multi-resolution mode, the resolution of the monitor can be adjusted to optimize for the connected device. As the LG 32HL512D monitor takes advantage of clinical pathology mode with advanced color reproduction, it provides vivid images from the microscope without color distortion. Built-in Automatic Brightness Calibration feature helps increase productivity and efficiency. It automatically converts medical images into more suitable images to make a definitive diagnosis. The dual-control PBP (Picture By Picture), which controls multiple devices connected to a single screen with a keyboard or mouse, provides more convenience during examination. More than one information can be analyzed in parallel on a single screen. It offers an optimized diagnostic area with its ergonomic stand, bidirectional rotation adjustment and narrow bezel. Its two monitors can be flipped vertically and can be used side by side for the perfect viewing experience.

Designed for Mammography 31HN713D-B 31 inch 12 MP Diagnostic Monitor

Diagnostic monitors often need to be connected to a variety of modalities, all with different resolutions. Thanks to the 31HN73D's Multi Resolution Mode, the resolution of the monitor can be adjusted to optimize for the connected device. In Pathology Mode, the 31HN713D reproduces the same level of detail and color accuracy as seen directly under the microscope, helping healthcare professionals make more accurate diagnoses. The front sensor allows self-automatic calibration without the need for additional measuring equipment. It increases the quality and consistency of the displayed medical images by maintaining the correct values. Thanks to the 31HN713D Presence Sensor, which automatically turns off the screen when no motion is detected, it can save energy and provides more security against the exposure of patient information and other sensitive data. The LG 31HN713D has an Auto Brightness Sensor that automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient lighting conditions. As a result, eye strain is reduced by ensuring that the screen brightness is always adjusted to an optimum level. The LG 31HN713D includes Focus Viewing Mode, which allows a closer inspection of a specific part of the medical image. This allows professionals to fully focus on the important part of the image to make a more accurate and efficient diagnosis. Ceiling and Wall Lighting Modes reduce the contrast between monitor brightness and ambient lighting conditions, allowing comfortable working without having to adjust the lighting to view paper documents in a dark room. The 31HN713D's 6 Hot Keys make switching between display modes easier and more intuitive than using an OSD via an OSD. The 6 Shortcut Keys, which allow changing the mode, screen resolution and lighting settings without interrupting the workflow, provide ease of use as well as much faster while working. The One-Click Stand feature and ultra-light body make the 31HN713D even easier to set up. The ergonomically designed stand allows users to tilt, raise and rotate as they wish, reducing chronic pain caused by long working hours.

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