The Most Effective Solution Against Neighbor Noise: Sound Insulation

The most attached solution against neighboring noise, sound insulation
The most attached solution against neighboring noise, sound insulation

Stating that the sensitivity to noise has increased in buildings due to spending more time in homes during the pandemic process, İZODER President Levent Gökçe said, “The number of people who call the İZODER hotline and want to get information about sound insulation to prevent neighbor noise is increasing day by day.

In this period when the importance of sound insulation is better understood, we can adapt the phrase 'Don't buy a house, buy a neighbor' as 'Buy a house with sound insulation, get along with your neighbor'. "No matter how useful your home is, if you have a noise problem, it is not possible for you to live a comfortable life."

Stating that raising awareness about sound insulation in the society is a social responsibility move they have undertaken as İZODER, Chairman of the Association of Heat, Water, Sound and Fire Insulation (İZODER), Levent Gökçe said, “Today, noise is one of the most important problems in buildings. Sound insulation is a very important issue that appeals to the houses we live in and directly concerns the society. Today, especially in our homes where we spend more time due to the pandemic, we are exposed to noise and we feel the negative effects of this situation more and more day by day. The number of people who call the İZODER hotline, try to find a solution to prevent neighbor noise, and want to get information about sound insulation has recently increased ”.

Noise tolerance has decreased

Emphasizing that the İZODER hotline has been searched mostly for thermal insulation from the first day, and sound insulation is the second, Levent Gökçe said, “During the pandemic process, the search for sound insulation has increased even more, people can no longer tolerate noise in their homes, work and rest comfortably. We think it stems from his willingness. To be protected from noise that causes deep wounds in our social harmony and productivity; It is very important that we have sound insulation structures in order to lead a healthy, safe and comfortable life. "Noise affects our children physiologically, cognitively and emotionally negatively," he said.

Sound travels too fast in concrete

Stating that the sound should be prevented from its source, Levent Gökçe said, “While the sound is traveling at 340 m / s in the air, this value is realized at the level of 4000 m / s in concrete. For example, the neighbor on the 8th floor hitting the concrete can be felt from the 3rd floor. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the propagation of the sound at its source. The solution for this is to make sound insulation applications in the right materials and details on the walls, ceilings and floors, ”he said.

Sound insulation is mandatory in new buildings

Developed countries is highly sensitive in terms of insulation and sound insulation that contribute to the formation of modern living standards emphasize Levent Gökçe, edits made to prevent noise pollution in Turkey, said: "Regulations on the Protection Against Noise of buildings, entered into force on June 1, 2018. Thus, with the new regulation, it became mandatory to apply sound insulation in new buildings. According to this regulation, the technical rules of the insulation systems used in buildings against noise pollution, one of the biggest problems of city life, were determined. The regulation includes measures to control the noises of the neighbors such as TV, music and speech, as well as impact sounds, mechanical system and service equipment. In addition to residences, the regulation also covers buildings such as schools and hospitals where the public is densely populated. Explanation and Implementation Guide of the Regulation Available from the website. "

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