Children Admired Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center

kids admired the gokmen space aviation training center
kids admired the gokmen space aviation training center

Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center (GUHEM), which was realized with the vision of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), hosted children within the scope of Science and Technology Week activities. Turkey's examine the first aerospace-themed children training center, the astronauts put on board the plane outfit, almost made the trip to the depths of space.

GUHEM, which was established under the leadership of BTSO with the cooperation of Metropolitan Municipality and TÜBİTAK, on ​​an area of ​​13 square meters and has 500 interactive mechanisms and various simulators, was visited by students studying in Avdancık and Seçköy districts of Osmangazi district. Nearly 154 children attended the organization organized within the scope of the 24-8 March Science and Technology Week activities of the Bursa EU Information Center, which has been operating under the BTSO for more than 14 years. The children had a nice day at the Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center with their teachers. GUHEM General Manager Halit Mirahmetoğlu and the experts at the center shared information about GUHEM.


Children visiting the center, which was established with the vision of BTSO in order to raise awareness among children and young people in the field of space and aviation, first examined the mechanisms on the aviation floor. The children who touched the plane for the first time in their lives also had the experience of using an airplane in the simulation. The children also toured the full-size A-320 aircraft model located at the center. Children sitting in the seats of the passenger plane for the first time had the opportunity to see the cockpit of the plane closely.


The children experienced the feeling of "touching the moon", "walking on the moon" and "being thrown into space" at the center. The children learned about astronomical mechanisms, atmospheric events, the solar system, the possibility of life on other planets, life and space on the international space station, on the second floor, which was climbed by an elevator with the impression of a spacecraft. 'Dream of Flight and Space Exploration', 'Fly a Model Airplane', 'How Propellers Work', 'Piston Engine and Jet Engine', 'Program a Space Explorer', 'Robots on Mars',' Rocket Models', 'Mercury Program In the center, where many experimental setups such as 'Launch Experience', took place, children experienced a different excitement by wearing an astronaut suit for the first time.


GUHEM General Manager Halit Mirahmetoğlu stated that they had a nice event at GUHEM in Science and Technology Week. Stating that they want to host visitors in small groups in the center, which is closed to visitors due to COVID-19, Mirahmetoğlu said, “We shared the excitement of our children. We had a nice event in a very special week with the support of the EU Information Center. Our children from the village school came here today. Our children from 1st grade to 8th grade were here. We shared good information on aviation and space. Their faces were not visible because of the masks, but we saw the happiness in their eyes. Our work begins primarily with attention. We ensure that our children, whom we care about, are informed. We will work to move our children, who can really get the information, to a higher level. " said.


Seçköy Secondary School Principal Ahmet Şevki Şakalar thanked the EU Information Center for the event and said, “It was a very nice trip to satisfy our children's curiosity about space. We can read the excitement and joy of our children from their faces. I would like to thank those who made this center come to life. Our children have a great curiosity about space. It was the first time they saw their spacesuit at GUHEM. They got on the plane. They had a very nice day. " he spoke.


Buğlem Fırtına, a 5th grade student visiting the center, which was realized as one of the best centers in Europe and one of the 4 best centers in the world, said, “GUHEM is a very good education center. When this place is opened, everyone should definitely come to the center. Here I have acquired very good information from the structure of birds to airplanes, from planets to the depths of space. Most importantly, I was a pilot for the first time. " said.


5th grade student Berat Sönmez stated that they had a good time at the center with the teachers and said, “I have not taken a plane before. We learned good information about space and aircraft. " said. 2nd grade student Batuhan Sönmez stated that he got on the plane for the first time and said, “We saw how the plane wing moved. We both had fun and learned. I learned about the solar system and planets. It has been a very useful program for me. " he spoke.

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