New Destinations from Europe Opened to Kayseri

New Destinations from Europe Opened to Kayseri
New Destinations from Europe Opened to Kayseri

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç received SunExpress Anatolia Regional Sales Manager Altuğ Özpekin and Regional Representative Murat Katran in his office. Büyükkılıç thanked SunExpress for contributing to tourism by launching direct flights to 2021 different destinations per week, including 2 domestic and 8 international flights to Kayseri in the summer season of 10.

SunExpress Anatolia Regional Sales Manager Altuğ Özpekin and SunExpress Anatolia Regional Representative Murat Katran, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. He paid a courtesy visit to Memduh Büyükkılıç. President Büyükkılıç providing information about flights visit to the region on the Authority's ÖZPEKER, most flights airway perform the scheduled direct flights between Turkey and Europe was the message that they are one of the company.

Özpekin stated that in the summer season of 2021, they launched 10 direct flights per week to Kayseri from Antalya and Izmir domestic flights, Amsterdam, Basel, Cologne / Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart international flights. In addition, Özpekin stated that they have increased their Kayseri-Antalya flights to 4 per week, and emphasized that they have made connections to 43 international destinations from Kayseri via İzmir and Antalya.

President Büyükkılıç, expressed his satisfaction with the visit, the study appreciates that they meet that contribute to both historic and cultural structure of Turkey's tourism Kayseri is located in the heart of domestic and foreign tourists have a destination where they can spend their holidays in Kayseri peace and security that expressed.

Stating that the increase in the number of flights from Kayseri to Europe is pleasing in terms of tourism, Büyükkılıç is also very famous in the field of gastronomy with its local and foreign tourists, 6 thousand years of nature and history, as well as many local delicacies such as its unique pastrami, sausage and ravioli. he invited to. In addition, Mayor Büyükkılıç added that the construction works of the new terminal building and apron construction project of Kayseri Airport, which is aimed to serve 8 million passengers and can park 18 aircraft, are continuing at full speed.

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