Kapıkule Halkalı Regional Passenger Train Hosted Its First Passengers

Kapikule ringed regional passenger train hosted its first passengers
Kapikule ringed regional passenger train hosted its first passengers

Train services, which have been stopped since March 19, when the Kovid-2020 epidemic was seen in Edirne, started to serve again within the scope of the measures after the start of the controlled normalization process. As with road trips, citizens who will travel by train are first asked the HES Code.

After the start of the controlled normalization process, the train services, which started to serve again within the scope of the measures, made the Thracians happy. 12 thousand 701 Kapıkule- Halkalı The Regional Passenger Train hosted its first passengers. The majority of the first passengers were university students.

The first train with 6 wagons and 360 passengers on the road

Departing from Edirne Station at 07.40 in the morning, the train operates once a day. Kapıkule- with 6 wagons and 360 passengers capacityHalkalı Train, Sherbettar, Bahçıvanova, Pehlivanköy, Alpullu, Lüleburgaz, Kayabeyli, Seyitler, Muratlı, Çorlu, ÇerkezköyIt will reach its destination after picking up its passengers at intermediate stops with Çatalca and Ispartakule.

While it was seen that the train had made arrangements for the passengers to sit with an infrequent seating arrangement, leaving their side seats empty, various measures were taken in the station building. At the entrance of the station building, the HES Code of the citizens is questioned. Then, after using the disinfectant at the entry point, it is directed to the waiting points. Social distance signs were also placed on the seats in the waiting room.

Kapıkule with 6 wagons and approximately 360 persons Halkalı Regional Passenger Train was sent off from Edirne. Citizens, who heard that train services were restarted due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, ran to the station in the early hours of the morning.

The start of the train service was welcomed

Furkan Dal, one of the students of Trakya University, who said that he preferred to travel to Edirne for 3 years; “There was no train service for 1 year. We were delighted to hear that now the voyages will start again. Especially as students, we prefer affordable travel. We are experiencing the excitement of getting on the train for the first time after a long time, and we missed it. We saw that all precautions were taken. At the entrance, our HES Code was questioned by the relatives and our temperature was measured ”.

"We came to the station early when we heard that the flights started"

Gürkan Aydoğdu, who traveled to the village of Şerbettar in Edirne, said that when he heard that the voyages started after a long break due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, they came to the station early and were happy to get on the train again.

Passengers traveling on regional trains will be able to board the trains by presenting their HES code. The trains will be put into service after being disinfected before the flight. As in all lines, in regional trains, it is important for passengers to maintain social distance and pay attention to hand hygiene in terms of preventing the spread of the virus.

Kapıkule-Halkalı The prices were arranged as 28 liras for full tickets, 15 liras with a 24 percent discount, and 50 liras with a 14 percent discount.

Source: Özlem Ceylan / Edirnehaber

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