Bureaucracy Will Be Reduced By Unifying Public Personnel Recruitment In A Single System

bureaucracy will be reduced by uniting public personnel recruitments in a single system
bureaucracy will be reduced by uniting public personnel recruitments in a single system

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, announced that they will quickly recruit public personnel through a single system with the Electronic Public Employment Portal (EKİP). Selçuk said, "Thus, we plan to make all personnel recruitment announcements to the public from a single address and in the most reliable way."

Stating that they will start a new era in the public sector with the TEAM project, Minister Selçuk stated that they will facilitate the employment of qualified personnel.

Minister Selçuk also stated that the project will increase participation in public employment and that they will reach the most qualified person in the process of recruiting personnel in the shortest time and with the most economical methods.

Pointing out that public personnel recruitment notices are currently being published on many platforms, Minister Selçuk said: “TEAM has been included in the 2021 Year Investment Program. With the project, we will now ensure that all public personnel recruitment notices are published on the website. We will provide a more effective service for both candidates and institutions. "

Integration with e-Government Will Be Ensured

Minister Selçuk informed that they will also integrate EKİP with e-government and said, "Especially public personnel candidates will be able to access information about employment and many online transactions 7/24".

Recruitment Will Be Less Costly and Faster

Underlining that the process of recruiting staff with a lower cost and faster speed will also begin, Minister Selçuk said, “Many transactions seen through physical documents will be transferred to the virtual environment. Therefore, we will reduce the workload significantly. Our project will also contribute to public personnel planning processes ”.

Stating that they make maximum use of technological developments in public recruitment, Minister Selçuk continued as follows: “We will make recruitment more disciplined, understandable and more accessible. As this project will serve the public from a single center based on our citizen-oriented service approach, we expect it to contribute to our open and transparent understanding of the state.

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