Izmir's Roads Have Been Renewed in 2 Years

Izmir's roads have been renewed throughout the year
Izmir's roads have been renewed throughout the year

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has signed one of the highest figures in Turkey manufacturing with road maintenance and renovation work. In the last 2 years, it renewed the roads of İzmir from start to finish, with a total of 1000 million tons of asphalt production, corresponding to a length of 3 kilometers.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its road construction, maintenance and renovation works without slowing down in order to renew the roads of the city and provide a comfortable transportation. Road and carrying out infrastructure works Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary İZBETON Inc., with work over the last 2 years, the most remote village roads, worked devotedly at any point up to and Turkey's most popular way to lower manufacturing sites between the organization of the city's main arteries.

The epidemic did not prevent investment

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality accelerated its works in line with the promise of “record asphalt years” expressed by Mayor Tunç Soyer during the election process. kazannagged. Metropolitan teams identified the roads in Izmir that needed maintenance and prepared a detailed program to meet the needs.

Despite the coronavirus epidemic that shook the world for the past year, studies have not slowed down. The Metropolitan turned the curfews declared within the scope of the epidemic into an opportunity in terms of road renewal works. In this context, Altınyol, Yeşildere Street, Mithatpaşa Street, Gaziemir Akçay Street, Mürselpaşa Boulevard and Kültürpark, which are one of the most important arteries of Izmir and have not been able to work for years, have been completely renovated.

Here are road works in numbers

İZBETON; Despite the pandemic and natural disasters, it has continued to provide a comfortable and safe travel experience to the people of Izmir by carrying out the asphalt, surface coating and parquet coating works devotedly in every corner of Izmir. The highlights from the work done in the last 2 years are as follows:

Asphalt works

The Metropolitan used a total of 1 million 2019 thousand 2019 tons of asphalt in the works carried out from April 1, 364 to the end of 835. With this tonnage, a total road length of 416 kilometers was renewed. In 2020, it completed a total of 1 million 678 thousand 362 tons of asphalt production and carried out road maintenance works in many points of Izmir. A total of 512 kilometers of road was renewed from beginning to end.

Surface treatment works

Within the scope of the surface coating works on the village, plain and production roads, a total of 1 million square meters was applied from April 2019, 2019 to the end of 3.1. During this period, the total length of the surface covered roads was calculated as 517 kilometers.

In 2020, 2 million 469 thousand 589 square meters (412 kilometers) of road production was completed, ensuring that citizens in off-center districts were comfortable in transportation, and a contribution was made to İzmir agriculture by opening comfortable roads for the producers.

Parquet coating work

In addition to asphalt and surface coating, İZBETON has spent a lot of time for key parquet flooring applied to urban streets, avenues and villages.

From 1 April 2019 to the end of 2019, key parquet was applied to the roads in an area of ​​more than 171 million square meters, corresponding to 1 kilometers in kilometers. In 2020, the area of ​​1 million 706 thousand 973 square meters (284 kilometers) was covered with key paving stones and works were carried out at every point from the city center to the village squares.

One of the biggest powers of the Aegean is at work for İzmir

İZBETON is shown among the most important and largest companies of the Aegean Region. İZBETON ranked in the top 2019 in the list of 100 Largest Industrial Enterprises prepared by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) in 25; Improving the infrastructure of İzmir with 3 construction sites, more than 850 personnel, machine park with more than 450 vehicles, asphalt plant producing non-stop production, parquet factories, expert engineers and technical team; works with all its corporate strength to make its roads comfortable and safe

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