İzmir Free Roadside Assistance Service Prevented Accident and Traffic Congestion

İzmir free roadside assistance service prevented accident and traffic congestion
İzmir free roadside assistance service prevented accident and traffic congestion

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's "free roadside assistance service" has prevented traffic congestion that may be experienced due to accidents and breakdowns to a great extent. Within the scope of the application, 9 vehicles were towed between 15 September and 662 March; accident and breakdown statistics were also prepared.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality launched the "free road assistance service" application on September 9, 2020 with the aim of making the motor vehicle traffic, which is caused by the use of private vehicles, which increased with the coronavirus epidemic, as fluent as possible. Five tow trucks are positioned at different points in Altınyol, Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard and Yeşildere Street, where motor vehicle traffic is the most intense. Vehicles directed by İzmir Transportation Center (İZUM) are Konak Pier - İzmir Marina Junction; Karşıyaka It provides free service between Naldöken Bridge - Meles and Yeşildere Atatürk Mask - Zafer Payzın Köprülü Junction.

Within the scope of the practice, which continued between 07.30-10.00 and 16.30-20.00 on weekdays, 9 vehicles blocking the traffic due to accidents or breakdowns during the period of 15 September-662 March were pulled out as soon as possible and the traffic was quickly opened.

Statistical data was kept

On the other hand, statistics for towed vehicles have started to be kept as of the new year. It was determined that 15 percent of the 15 vehicles (200) towed between January 37 and March 73 were older than 20 years old. The proportion of vehicles between the ages of 10-20 was 32 percent (63 units).

It was noted that the biggest cause of failure was 'engine failure' with 24 percent. This; Braking with 20 percent, fuel exhaustion and tire puncture with 12 percent each, and battery and transmission failures with 10 percent each. It was also determined that 94 percent of the malfunctioning vehicles were driven by male drivers and 6 percent by female drivers.

Double call to citizens

Eser Atak, Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, drew attention to the fact that the number of vehicles that go to traffic every day during the pandemic period increased by an average of 125 thousand compared to the pre-pandemic period. Stating that in the increasing traffic density, accidents and breakdowns increase the travel times even more, Atak made two important calls to the residents of İzmir:

HES Code security emphasis

“First of all, if possible, let's use our public transportation vehicles. This preference is both kazanIt also creates added value in terms of environmental health and contribution to national wealth. Public transportation vehicles can only be boarded with İzmirim Cards with a defined HEPP code. This is an important security application. Apart from that, all our vehicles are disinfected continuously and regularly with water-based cleaning products that do not harm human and environmental health. We ask our compatriots who prefer to use their private vehicles to have their 'vehicle maintenance' done meticulously in order to minimize the risks of breakdowns and accidents.

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