Support to Railway Safety from ITU

Support to railway safety
Support to railway safety

institutions that work for the railways to be more modern and safe Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) continues to perform along with new studies. One of these studies is the Railway Transportation Safety and Security Application and Research Center of Istanbul Technical University (ITU).

In 2020 the Republic of Turkey State Railways with the first step towards signing the cooperation protocol establishment, and 22 of March to life in the center, railway safety and project development on the safety, technological developments in the field of railways aims to reflect directly on the field.

With this center to be established, ITU provides interdisciplinary, theoretical and applied in all areas such as infrastructure, superstructure signaling, the effect of meteorological and seismic events, railway traffic, railway system, environment and occupational safety, as well as national and international It also aims to do research. As a result of these studies, to keep up-to-date and improve our country's railway technology; moreover, it is planned to carry out activities so that the research results reach decision-makers and end users.

Some of the envisaged works of the Railway Transport Safety and Security Center are as follows; In addition to supporting, presenting and publishing scientific activities in the field of railway safety and security, it aims to participate in national and international platforms on railway safety and security issues, to increase cooperation with relevant organizations or to make recommendations to decision-makers. In addition, to educate public institutions or private sector concerned and students about railway safety and its effects, to organize awareness-raising courses, scientific meetings, to enlighten and raise awareness of the society with scientific data on this issue.

In addition, to follow the studies conducted in our country and in the world and to create a database about them, to ensure sustainability in data and research; projects of national and international organizations, research, planning, training and become a focus and collaboration point in consulting, to provide support information to decision-makers, whereby the ranks Turkey among the objectives of the center to increase the potential of applied research in this area.

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  1. There are enough expert resources and experienced technical staff in tcdd about railway safety. No need for support from outside the institution. Also, retired experts can give birifing and seminars to the official of the railway.