Here is Red Bull Racing's New Vehicle: RB16B

want red bull racing's new vehicle rbb
want red bull racing's new vehicle rbb

📩 02/03/2021 11:53

The wait is coming to an end. We can feel the new Formula 1 season approaching. Soon the sounds of the engine will merge with the reflexes of the drivers and a new storm of excitement will begin on the tracks. Of course, the eyes will be looking for this vehicle the most. Red Bull Racing presents: RB16B!

The RB16B will make its first track lap with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez shortly after the introduction. Silverstone track will host these moments where special video and photo shoots will be made. Alex Albon, who will serve as the test driver this season, will also be present in the field.

At first glance, a big change may not be noticeable. With the new regulations postponed to 2022, it is a fact that there are many things that have been directly transferred from last season to this season. However, this does not mean that the Red Bull Racing team and talented designers spend the whole winter comfortably.
On the contrary, there are many changes under the RB16B's outer shell. Of course, one of the biggest changes is the engine wrapping. In its final season in F1, Honda comes up with a new power unit, and Max and Sergio will test this new monster for the first time in a short time.

The footage at Silverstone will not only convey the final look of the RB16B to enthusiasts, but will also give the Red Bull Racing team key insights into their latest status before pre-season tests begin.
Shooting day is also of great importance for Alex Albon, who is on the team as the test driver this season. Although he will be on the track with the RB15, he will also closely monitor the latest situation with the RB16B and evaluate Max and Sergio's return.

With the RB16B unveiling, the new season is now much closer. With the completion of pre-season tests and final technical adjustments, the excitement of Formula 1 will take its place on the tracks again.

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