Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Will Recruit 30 Permanent Workers

istanbul university cerrahpasa
istanbul university cerrahpasa

📩 01/03/2021 13:04

Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Rectorate, Candidates who meet the requirements of the request, within 5 days from the date of publication of the announcement, from İŞKUR provincial directorates / service centers, service points or is will be able to apply by logging in to the Job Seeker link via their internet address with their TR ID number and password Applications will be extended until the end of the first business day following the application deadline.

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Only one request will be accepted in line with the preference of the job seeker whose application dates are overlapping and who meet more than one workforce demand of the same public institution and organization.

The applications of the candidates who meet the employee demands at the associate degree and undergraduate education level, the conditions of the request and who have obtained at least 60 points from the relevant KPSS score type valid at the time the request is published will be accepted. A score threshold will not be sought in applications for the requests of disabled people, ex-convicts and / or workers who are injured in the fight against terrorism in the same educational level, and it is sufficient for these persons to have entered the KPSS. However, the applications of the disabled candidates who will apply for career occupation requests, who have obtained at least 60 points in the relevant KPSS score type, will be accepted.

Priority candidates who will apply for the requests will select the list they will apply by marking during the application process. After the application deadline, the list change requests will not be accepted.

Starting from the points superiority of the job seekers who applied to the workers' demands subject to KPSS and the priority candidates, starting from the oldest dated documents, the final lists that do not exceed four times the number of vacant jobs and five times the number of vacant jobs in career occupations, starting from the documents with the oldest date, are the candidates for examination will be sent to public institutions and organizations.
All job seekers and priorities who apply for the requests subject to the draw will be sent to the requesting public institution and organization for the drawing of lots.

In the labor force requests subject to the lottery where the workers to be recruited will be determined only by the notary lot, the original and the number of substitute candidates that will be required as the number of vacant jobs among all the applicants, including the priority ones, will be determined directly as a result of the lottery.

Regarding whether the candidates who made their application to the lists by applying for the demands meet the required conditions; educational background, experience, priority status, professional certificate, foreign language

requirement etc. They will submit their documents to the public institution and organization that submitted the request. Document submission date and place will be announced to candidates in the workforce announcement or on the website of the public institution and organization. Those who cannot document their status or make false statements will be removed from the lists, and other persons in the list may be included in their places.

Candidates who are eligible to take the exam with the date, time and place of the exam will be announced on the website of the public institution and organization that will recruit workers. This announcement will be accepted as a notification, and no additional notification will be made to the address of the candidates via postal mail.

Among those who have priority right, those who do not respond to the permanent or temporary workforce demand they have applied for, except for force majeure, do not take the exam, refuse the job or take a job in the public sector, will be removed from the priority right.

In the applications made to the worker requests of public institutions and organizations, the first residence address of the persons registered in the Address Based Population Registration System will be taken into consideration. The applications of the candidates who move their residency to the place where the demand will be met within the application period of the worker demands published at the district, province or regional level will not be accepted. Regarding the change of residence, the registration date in the Population Directorate will be taken as basis for the inquiry made through the Address Based Population Registration System. If candidates who change their residence permit within the place where their request will be fulfilled submit the Address Information Report they will receive from the Population Directorates to the Authority unit within the application period, their application is made to the relevant labor force request.

İŞKUR and the requesting public institutions and organizations have the right to take legal action regarding the annulment of the application of those who give false documents or declarations and the cancellation of the recruitment process.

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