Great Interest from Young People to Istanbul Backgammon Tournament

Great interest from youngsters to istanbul backgammon tournament
Great interest from youngsters to istanbul backgammon tournament

Istanbul Backgammon Tournament, Turkey's biggest e-sports event, starts on April 10. Participation of especially young people is increasing day by day in the tournament where social responsibility and big prizes are combined with an enjoyable event. First prize of 50 thousand TL kazanThe excitement for the upcoming tournament is at its peak.

Istanbul Backgammon Tournament, with its at least 5.000 years of history, brings backgammon, which is among the most fun activities of every generation even today, to mobile devices, and a social responsibility event is organized for the benefit of street animals. Last year, with the participation of 76 backgammon lovers from 21.940 countries, the tournament, which succeeded in being included in the Guinness World Records Book, shows great interest in the tournament this year, too.

The tournament, which will take place between 10-20 April, offers free participation from their mobile devices to those who love to play backgammon from all over Turkey. At the same time, everyone participating in the tournament will both protect stray animals and receive thousands of prizes. kazanyeast invites. The winner of the tournament 50 thousand TL prize kazanwill ache. Support for street animals will be donated to the Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP).

The excitement of the young people is at its peak!

Backgammon Stars game, with its competitive and strategy-oriented setup, turns into an exciting activity for young people who are bored due to the pandemic. The fact that the tournament takes place on mobile devices free of charge makes it possible to participate from all over Turkey. The fact that the tournament is organized for the benefit of stray animals and has a social benefit purpose and one of thousands of great prizes for the participants. kazanThe fact that it offers a chance to become a student increases the excitement of participation among young people.

The game also attracts great attention with its cartoonish sympathetic design and offering the closest realistic experience of rolling dice with three-dimensional dice. Having much more detailed player statistics and profiles compared to rival games, the ability to watch the matches of other players and view the audience list throughout the tournament, and the ability to play against famous names such as Alex De Souza, Burcu Esmersoy and Muslera have greatly increased the interest of young people and their social media posts.

Backgammon Stars is 100% Domestic and Non-Violent

Backgammon developed by programmers from Turkey Stars does not contain any element of violence. Game; It promises a wide accessibility with its feature of being the only board game that can run on 3 different operating systems, mac OS, iOS and Android.

Tournament; Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP), the International Backgammon Federation, Vodafone Turkey, Yemeksepeti, Backgammon is happening with the Stars and cooperation Workshop Group. The tournament, which is supported by famous names such as Burcu Esmersoy, Alex DeSouza, Fernando Muslera and Cedi Osman, also offers the participants the opportunity to play backgammon with these names.

Participation Free

Participants will be able to participate in the tournament by downloading the Backgammon Stars game for free on their phones or tablets via Google Play or Apple Store. During the tournament, the participants will go through the pre-elimination, qualifying and final rounds. The tournament team gives a good morale to the participants. kazanquestions of the participants to Youtube He answers with interesting and entertaining content on his page.

The awards are attractive!

The Istanbul Backgammon Tournament gives the winner 50 thousand TL, the second iPhone 12, the third a one-week holiday for 1 people at Melek Hotels Bozburun, located on the Aegean coast. Participants in the first 2 places in the ranking are given a 2.500-lira Yemek Sepeti coupon.

2020 thousand tons were donated to me in 5

The tournament, organized for the benefit of stray animals, not only broke the Guinness World Records with the participation of 76 backgammon lovers from 21.940 countries last year, and at the end of the tournament, 5 thousand tons of food were donated to stray animals associations.

Won national and international awards

The 'Best Social Responsibility Event of the Year' award in the category of Non-Profit / CSR Digital / Hybrid Event at the Best Event Awards Bea World Experience ceremony, the Oscar of the events held in the previous year. kazanwas. Also, Bronze Award in 'MobileGaming, Gamification and E-Sports' category at MMA EMEA SMARTIES 2020 kazanIt was the moment. The INFLOW Network Awards named the tournament the 'Best Gaming Influencer Campaign' of 2020. The tournament also made it to the finals of the 2021 Digital Event Awards. With this success, it was the only event from Turkey to reach the final.

For detailed information about participation in the Istanbul Backgammon Tournament and the tournament You can visit the website, follow the Backgammon Stars Instagram page, and send an e-mail to tournaments @

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