Dede Continues His Profession with the Disabled Grant Support of İŞKUR

Iskur and grandfather continue their profession
Iskur and grandfather continue their profession

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services continues to touch the lives of disabled citizens with the slogan 'Dreams Are Without Barriers'. The Ministry supports our disabled citizens to realize their dreams in many different areas, from the employment to the grant support it provides to start their own businesses.

In this direction, Muharrem Karakaya, who has a congenital orthopedic disability in Nevşehir, continues his grandfather profession by benefiting from the Disability Grant Support provided by İŞKUR.

Stating that he had difficulty finding a job that he could work comfortably due to his disability, Karayaka said that he started his own business with the Disability Grant Support.

Emphasizing that she dreamed of doing animal husbandry since her childhood, Karakaya said, “I did this job until my young age. However, I lived in Istanbul for a while. I could not find a suitable job there. Later, I decided to return to my hometown and continue this profession. At this point, I learned that İŞKUR has support for disabled people. After completing the necessary procedures, I quickly got support. Thanks to our state. I'm doing my own thing now. "I am comfortable and happy," he said.

Stating that İŞKUR considers the Grant Support for the Disabled as a 'miracle of the state', Karakaya continued as follows: “Thanks to the support I received, I currently have 90 animals. Most of the time my kids are helping. I advise all my disabled brothers and sisters to apply to İŞKUR and receive the Disabled Grant Support. Let them be the bosses of their own business. They should not be dependent on anyone other than the state. Our state provides this opportunity to us. Just imagine. Dreams are unimpeded. "

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