Promise for the First Pedestrian Stop is Now in Istanbul

Your word for the first pedestrian stop is now in Istanbul
Your word for the first pedestrian stop is now in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey WRI Sustainable Cities and Healthy Cities Partnership pedestrian first stop of the city is prepared to implement the project together in Sisli Istanbul residents are also included. The pedestrian stop will be designed in line with focus group meetings where the needs of different segments of society from the elderly to the disabled, from families with children to cyclists are determined. Istanbulites will be able to convey their ideas and requests to IMM on this issue.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), WRI Turkey Healthy Cities Partnership and cooperation will be realized by pedestrian stop (parklet) was passed to the second stage of the project. As a result of technical analysis studies, it was decided to build Istanbul's first pedestrian stop in Şişli. The pedestrian stop created by the separation of one or two vehicles from the road vehicle parking lane for pedestrians, is an area where cyclists and pedestrians can take a break. Istanbulites will determine how the pedestrian stop in Şişli will be designed.

Utku Cihan, Head of IMM Transportation Department, explained the design process of pedestrian stops that increase road safety in urban transportation and direct them to alternative methods such as cycling and walking. Utku Cihan stated that in December 2020, IMM's related departments and related district municipal representatives organized an online workshop and gave the following information:

“Pedestrian stops can be designed in different ways according to the needs of their region. Benches, tables can be added, green areas can be created, playgrounds can be created for children. We will decide on the design of the pedestrian stop in Şişli together with residents, NGOs and local governments, and determine the details according to the needs of Istanbul residents.

Project technical support that Turkey WRI Director Dr. The sun is inanimate, said the public participation in urban design work is extremely important, "WRI is an organization working to create a more livable cities in Turkey We consider our participation in each activity. We want the pedestrian stop to respond to the needs and demands of the people of the region. Therefore, in March 2021, we will establish focus groups that include disabled people, elderly people, families with children and cyclists, and we will interview approximately 60 people, ”he said.

From Şişli to All of Istanbul Ywill sober up  

It is expected that all Istanbul residents, including the residents of the region, will contribute to the design process of the pedestrian stop in Şişli. Requests and opinions on this matter can be conveyed to the IMM Pedestrian Chief Office through ALO 15 White Table until April 2021, 153.

The pedestrian stop in Şişli is the first leg of the project that will spread throughout Istanbul in the future. With this project, a micro website containing all information about the design of pedestrian stops will be launched.

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