Horasan Doğubayazıt An Opportunity for Iran Railway Region Development

khorasan dogubayazit iran railway region an opportunity for development
khorasan dogubayazit iran railway region an opportunity for development

Representatives of companies and institutions operating in the transportation and logistics sector in Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı said that the activation of the Horasan-Doğubayazıt-Iran railway line will make a significant contribution to the development of the region.

SERKA Secretary General Taşdemir and Industry, Transport and Energy Unit President Ramazan Mutlu Doğaner met with representatives of the private sector and institutions operating in the transportation and logistics sector in Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı. Taşdemir and Doğaner, Doğubayazıt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gürbulak Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Directorate, Doğubayazıt Businessmen Association, Karahan Logistics Company, Gürbulak Border Gate Truck Park Company, Boran Transportation, Urartu He visited the A Type General Warehouse and exchanged views with the representatives of institutions and organizations. Representatives of international companies operating in the region stated that the activation of the Horasan-Ağrı-Doğubayazıt-Iran railway line will make a great contribution to regional, national and international trade. The railway line built during the Russian period became dysfunctional because it was not used in the Republic period. Middle East Technical University conducted the feasibility study of the line in 1984 and 1997. Industry representatives, of Dogubayazit railway line Kars-Tbilisi-Baku and Kars-Igdir-Nakhchivan route in case of joining of Turkey-Azerbaijan-Iran said it will be integrated with Europe and Asia. It is stated that trade in the region will develop and the region will open to international markets with the combination of railway lines. Taşdemir and Doğaner examined the route of the Horasan-Ağrı-Doğubayazıt-Iran Railway Line, which was built by the Russians and is not used today.


During the meetings, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Ali Efe said that there were various problems at the border crossings and that these problems had a negative impact on the sector. SERKA Secretary General Taşdemir said that the Agency could provide training and consultancy services within the scope of technical support programs in order to solve the problems in the sector. Doğubayazıt Businessmen Association President Mehmet Nuri Taşdemir said that the lack of active border gate is the biggest problem in the logistics sector. Taşdemir, "when experiencing problems in the relations between Turkey and Iran, the door is reduced working capacity because they will complicate implementation of mutually procedures of the two countries," he said. SERKA General Secretary Taşdemir and Unit Head Doğaner later visited Gürbulak Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Directorate and met with Customs Regional Manager Kadri Karakuş and Customs Manager Mehmet Şensoy. In the meeting, it was stated that the border gate was closed to passenger entry and exit, and it was stated that the majority of the operations at the gate consisted of passenger entry and exit operations and transit operations of commercial transportation vehicles. It was stated that a comprehensive renewal will be made at the border gate in order to solve the problems. SERKA officials then visited Karahan Logistics and Boran Nakliyat companies and met with sector representatives. Company representatives stated that vehicles with foreign license plates have an advantage over Turkish companies in terms of taxes, fuel, bridges and highway fees in international transportation and that the competitive power of Turkish companies is negatively affected due to this situation. It was pointed out that the presence of only one x-ray device at the border gate causes prolongation of waiting times at entrances and exits. Mehmet Eraslan, the representative of the truck park built by the Ağrı Provincial Special Administration and transferred to a private enterprise, stated that the park has a capacity of 550 trucks and said that the fuel costs posed a great disadvantage for Turkish companies.

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