Hidden Heroes of Traffic Safety with Brushes in Bursa

hidden heroes of traffic security in bursa
hidden heroes of traffic security in bursa

While the police units perform a devoted work to ensure traffic safety, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's Sudden Response Team provides 7/24 uninterrupted service for traffic safety with brushes in their hands.

Elements such as glass, plastic and metal pieces scattered on the road after traffic accidents, overturned advertising and direction signs, items falling from the casings of vehicles in motion, fallen trees, ice chips formed under bridges invite traffic accidents, all these dangers are caused by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Sudden Response Team. being eliminated. The Sudden Response team, serving within the Park and Gardens Department's Urban Aesthetics Branch Directorate, works in coordination with the traffic police, fire brigade and the police, arriving at the scene in a short time. While the traffic crews are working on the preparation of the minutes, the Sudden Response team eliminates the elements scattered on the highway and endangering the traffic with brushes and brooms in their hands. In these studies, which are sometimes supported by road washing vehicles depending on the condition of the road, especially oil-dissolving special solutions are used to clean engine oil, diesel oil and gasoline that spill from the vehicles as a result of traffic accidents and cause the road to become slippery.

In Bursa, the hidden heroes of the traffic with brushes provide 24-hour uninterrupted service, regardless of whether it is snow-winter, rain-mud, cold or hot, for the safe navigation of the traffic on the main arteries.

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