The dangers of wearing high heels every day

The dangers of wearing high heels everyday
The dangers of wearing high heels everyday

Physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist Prof. Dr. Turan Uslu gave information on the subject. Every woman wants to look beautiful and feel good. For this, ladies like to wear high-heeled shoes with narrow tips. However, the cost of this is often seen as permanent and irreversible damages in many parts of the musculoskeletal system.

High-heeled shoes cause permanent damage to the ankle, front of the foot, toes, heels. A healthy shoe heel should not exceed 5 cm and there should be enough space in the front for the toes to fit comfortably. In addition, it should not cause any negative effects such as calluses, deformities and pain that may occur on the feet.

High-heeled shoes cause many deformities in the anterior region of the foot (metatarsal bones) and toes, as they transfer their body weight to the anterior region of the foot in an unbalanced manner.


As a result of high heels, a severe deformity, which we call hallux valgus and hallux rigidus, is extremely painful and difficult to walk and is difficult to treat, often requiring surgical intervention.

Hammer finger;

High heels and narrow shoes squeeze the fingers like a funnel, causing severe finger deformities. Fingers bend and take the shape of a claw. By constantly rubbing your fingers against the shoes, it causes calluses and prevents walking. Severe hammer toe deformities can only be treated with surgical intervention.


It usually depends on the repetitive pressure of the skin. Calluses are quite common in women with foot deformity and those who wear unhealthy shoes, even if they do not.

Haglund disease;

Continuous contact of the heel area with the shoe due to high heeled shoes causes deformities in the bones on the back of the heel. This condition causes severe heel pain, Achilles tendinitis and bursitis. The back of the heel sometimes swells, collects water and is a very painful condition.


High heels and narrow shoes compress the fine nerves between the toes, causing these nerves to swell and tumor. This is called morton's neuroma. It is quite painful, even surgery may not relieve the pain sometimes. It is most common between the 3rd and 4th fingers. In the beginning there is burning, tingling and numbness. If not treated in time, it causes permanent nerve damage and throbbing pain that prevents walking.

Ankle sprains;

High-heeled shoes can cause sprains, causing the ligaments in the ankle to stretch, tear or even rupture. Recurrent ankle sprains; prepares the ground for ankle looseness and calcification.

Low back pain;

High-heeled shoes increase the waist cupping (hyperlordosis), narrow the nerve channels, cause calcification and herniation in the spine. It reduces the durability of the spine. These deformities also cause back and neck pain by affecting the back and neck vertebrae.

Knee pains;

High-heeled shoes predispose to early knee degeneration and pain by increasing intra-knee pressure and disrupting the distribution of the load on the knee.

Calf muscles;

Those who wear high-heeled shoes for a long time are seen shortening in the calf muscles. Even if some of them wear normal heels later on, they have difficulty wearing normal shoes due to the shortening of the calf muscles.

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