Light Towed Howitzer BORAN Fire Control System

lightweight obus borane fire control system
lightweight obus borane fire control system

The BORAN Fire Control System (AKS) is a fire control system developed to be used in a lightweight, high firepower 105 mm BORAN howitzer that can be transported from air by helicopter, towed by road.

This integrated system, which enables the preparation, fire management and fire control operations of the howitzer to be carried out with a computer, the first speed measurement radar and inertial navigation system, also has electro-optic and laser rangefinder units that enable firing by seeing day / night.

The system also provides digital integration of howitzer to command control systems and fire support elements.

System features:

  • Continuous position and barrel orientation information with Inertial Positioning System
  • Target detection for shooting by seeing with Laser Range Finder and thermal camera
  • Barrel initial velocity measurement with First Speed ​​Measuring Radar (IHÖR)
  • Digital integration with other Fire Support Systems
  • Ballistic calculation for all ammunition prepared in NABK Database using FCI (Fire Control Input) information
  • Fire support coordination measures, air corridor, far and near column violation control
  • Graphical display of barrel orientation on screen
  •  Use of digital maps
  • Digital communication via radio
  • 8 (eight) hours of continuous operation with power supply (such as battery)
  • Power supply from mains / cannon truck
  • Portable generator for charging the power supply
  • EMI / EMC measures
  • In-device test (BIT) feature

Source: defenceturk

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