Hackers Use the Lie of 'Last-Phase Pandemic Support' This Time

Turkish users are being hunted under the name of last phase pandemic support
Turkish users are being hunted under the name of last phase pandemic support

Turkish users are hunted by hackers with the promise of "3.000 TL Pandemic Support". these days the approach to the year 1 of the pandemic Turkish users indicating that oltalan by hackers with Turkish lies contents WatchGuard Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph is not home, warns Internet users against this attack type emerged as Turkey Dog.

Hackers benefit the most from the Covid-19 epidemic, which threatens all humanity globally. Especially for users in particular Turkey fears, hope and support for the latest tactics of the hackers that perform phishing attacks with Turkish content, including posts pandemic is getting support by distributing thousands of pounds under his name. Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin husband for that real non-support packages distributed to pandemic by the government using the genius of visual attention drawn to the trap of Turkish content to Internet users WatchGuard Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph is not home, the Turkish users of the Internet against these phishing varieties known as Turkey Dog invites you to be careful.

3.000 TL Pandemic Support Lie to Everyone Who Applies!

Hackers who take advantage of the fear created by the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world with various attack techniques do not stop. The starting point of hackers, who recently carried out phishing attacks against Turkish users with the order of fake vaccines, is pandemic support. The hackers, who appeared before users with Turkish messages, said, “Last Phase Pandemic Support! Pandemic Support worth 3.000 TL for Everyone Applying, Download the Application Now and Complete the Application! " It seems that it uses e-mail messages. Noting that there is a fraud script in the background of such content, Yusuf Evmez emphasizes that the Trojan virus has settled on the computers and phones of the users who click on the link and that this way hackers can easily access all personal data.

They Use the Photo of the Minister of Health for Credibility!

There is no way that hackers who want to hunt Turkish users more easily do not apply. In particular, Health Minister Dr. Hackers, who also prepared content using Fahrettin Koca's photo, have placed various infected apk files on many sites. Reminding that Turkey Dog activity was found on many sites under the name of "edestek.apk" in the researches, Yusuf Evmez states that not clicking on any links that the authorities have not announced or directed, and not relying on such advertisements on the sites is the most important step for cyber security.

You Can Protect Yourself From Scammers in 5 Steps!

Covidien-19 showing increased attention to cyber attacks related to the outbreak of WatchGuard Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph is not home, says these steps should be followed in order to err on the side of cybersecurity:

1. Don't be fooled by official logos. The presence of official logos in the content you encounter does not mean that the e-mail address is legitimate. Do not click on such content without serious research.

2. Check the accuracy of the documents. Just because a file sent to you looks like a PDF or official document does not mean that it actually came from an official institution.

3. If you do not know the source, do not click. Even if the email asks you to reply only to the message, don't reply if you don't know the person. If the offer is too good to be true and the reward it offers you is significantly greater than your effort, it's definitely a phishing email.

4. Consult official sources. Try to have information from multiple official sources and check the information by entering the official institutions website.

5. Get real cybersecurity protection. If you want to protect yourself from these types of attacks, use a security solution that can protect you from phishing, scams and malware on all your devices. So you can focus on what's more important to you, keeping your family safe.


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