GSK Launches Vaccination Program For The Treatment Of Lower Respiratory Diseases

Gsk launches vaccine program for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases
Gsk launches vaccine program for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases

In developed countries, RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus-lower respiratory tract diseases) is estimated to cause approximately 60 hospitalizations and 360,000 deaths annually in adults aged 24,000 and over.

GSK announced that it started Phase III study after the positive Phase I / II results in the candidate vaccine program it has implemented for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases and a strong immune response in the target population.

RSV poses a significant health threat to adults aged 60 and over, and in this context, it is estimated that there are 360,000 hospitalizations and 24,000 deaths associated with RSV infections annually in developed countries. Global data on the financial burden of RSV in the elderly are either insufficient or underestimated, as many countries do not have routine RSV testing and robust surveillance systems. With the aging of the global population, it is predicted that diseases and mortality related to respiratory infections, including those associated with RSV infections, will increase. An RSV vaccine for older adults will help prevent primary infection while also contributing to maintaining an independent, healthy and quality life.

Emmanuel Hanon, Vice President of GSK and Head of Vaccine R&D; “RSV is one of the unmet medical needs in the elderly and 6 out of every 1 RSV infected people need to be hospitalized with our unique technology combination of pre-fusion F antigen and patented adjuvant system to provide an immune response equivalent to healthy adults for both humoral and cellular components. we have succeeded. " said.

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