Face-to-Face Education Excitement of Visually and Hearing Impaired Students

Face-to-face education excitement for visually and hearing-impaired students
Face-to-face education excitement for visually and hearing-impaired students

special education students in Turkey; He is happy to receive his face-to-face training full-time by following the mask, distance and cleaning rules. Special students want to continue their face-to-face education without interruption regardless of the course of the epidemic. While the Ministry translated all course content broadcast on TRT EBA TV into sign language for special education students, nearly 200 lecture videos were published on EBA's website and mobile application via audio description. In addition, studies are underway for the narration of nearly 4 thousand lecture videos through audio description. "

Kovid-19 epidemic worldwide billions of the student's education uğratırk hampered by disabled students in Turkey; She receives full-time face-to-face training by following the mask, distance and cleaning rules.

In this context, the distance learning process launched in the epidemic process, the Ministry of Education, various applications in the development of digital educational materials for students with disabilities interruption of education in Turkey has implemented.

The Ministry of National Education makes an intense effort to actively use many areas from teachers to parents, from TRT EBA televisions, to EBA and live lessons in the distance education of disabled students who receive special education.

Within the scope of these studies, all course contents broadcasted on TRT EBA TV for the hearing impaired were translated into sign language. In the first place, nearly 200 lecture videos for visually impaired students were published on the EBA website and mobile application via audio description.

The Ministry continues its studies for the narration of nearly 4 thousand lecture videos via audio description. When the study is completed, all of the course contents will be available to students on digital platforms.

Ministry of Education, full-time training full-time undergraduate program face to face and in these schools by March 2 as then distance education in all special education schools in Turkey and in special education classes, 4-8 persons grades 5 days a week, one lesson continues to be 30 minutes ettiriliyor. In this context, due to the appropriate number of students, the social distance rule can be fully provided in these schools.

Almost All Students Come to School for Face-to-Face Education

Turkey is hearing impaired students in general education to close a total of 10 thousand. Most of these students are communicated with sign language. Some of them strengthen their communication with gestures and gestures by reading lips alongside sign language.

Kemal Yurtbilir Hearing Impaired Middle School Principal Cengiz Polat, over the last one year, the first cases seen in Turkey in March 2020 stated that providing distance education major development.

Stating that the General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services received constant feedback from them regarding the education in the epidemic process, Polat said, “No distance education process can be as successful as face-to-face training, of course. But how could it be closest to him? This was calculated. As of November, we were able to reach children much better in distance education. Live lessons could be held at any time of the day at EBA, and we continued our lessons with the special education materials in EBA. " he spoke.

Polat stated that with the transition to face-to-face training, very advanced measures were taken at school in terms of masks, distance and cleaning against the epidemic, “We were very comfortable when we started face-to-face training on March 2. Because our precautions against the epidemic were complete throughout the school. Currently, 100 of our 94 students continue face-to-face education. " he spoke.

Emphasizing the importance of face-to-face education especially for the hearing impaired, Polat said that they want all special education schools and even schools with normal education not to be closed even during the epidemic period.

Turkey is seen near 6 thousand students with disabilities in general education. These students continue their face-to-face training by obeying the strict hygiene rules required by intensive use of their hands.

Director of Mithat Enç Secondary School for the Blind, Hasan Altın said that they have made great progress in cleaning and masks. The classroom teacher Bekir Boztaş, who is also visually impaired, emphasized that these students mainly use tactile and auditory educational materials, "We take precautions against the epidemic by constantly cleaning our materials and constantly paying attention to the hand hygiene of our students." said.

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