Who is Astor Piazzolla with Google Doodle?

who is astor piazzolla with doodle on google
who is astor piazzolla with doodle on google

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Google continues to commemorate artists, scientists and political figures with special Doodles. One of these names was Astor Piazzolla. Astor Piazzolla, whose bandoneon concertos were interpreted even by the world's most famous symphony orchestras, became a curiosity after Google became Doodle.

Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla, (born March 11, 1921, Mar del Plata, Died 4 July 1992, Buenos Aires), Argentine bandoneon player and founder of Tango Nuevo.

He was born in Mar del Plata, a summer resort on the Atlantic coast, 400 kilometers from Buenos Aires. When he was two years old, his family settled in New York and lived in the USA until 1937. His mother was a tailor and his father was a barber. Neighborhood friend Rocky Marciano would later become the world heavyweight boxing champion, while one of his bandmates would have to sit at Alcatraz in California and some at Sing Sing in New York. But he saved himself with his music. At the age of 10, he became famous for his masterly playing the bandoneon, the important instrument of tango orchestras, and in 1934 he began playing with Carlos Gardel, who was considered the king of tango singers. Piazzolla has always remained true to his unique style in his chamber music, symphonies, ballet music and tango.

In 1954 he went to Paris on a scholarship to study, took lessons from the famous French instructor Nadia Boulanger, and met Gerry Mulligan there. He returned to Argentina a year later, set up an eighth to save tango from monotony, and managed to impose his own tango style. He organized more than 200 pieces for the two most famous tango ensembles of those days and became the first tango musician to perform at the University of Buenos Aires. Soon, theater companies began receiving composition orders from film and record companies. He gave concerts with the musicians of the Paris Opera Orchestra String Ensemble and La Scala Opera Orchestra, recording more than 100 records. The world's most famous symphony orchestras interpreted his bandoneon concertos.

He died on July 4, 1992 in Buenos Aires.


  • Adiós Nonino (1960)
  • Tiempo Nuevo (1962)
  • La Guardia Vieja (1966)
  • ION Studios (1968)
  • María de Buenos Aires (1968)
  • Rome (1972)
  • Libertango (1974)
  • Reunión Cumbre (Summit) (1974) with Gerry Mulligan
  • With Amelita Baltar (1974)
  • Buenos Aires (1976)
  • Il Pleut Sur Santiago (1976)
  • Suite Punta del Este (1982)
  • Concierto de Nácar (1983)
  • SWF Rundfunkorchester (1983)
  • Live in Wien Vol. 1 (1984)
  • Enrico IV (1984)
  • Green Studio (1984)
  • Teatro Nazionale di Milano (1984)
  • El exilio de Gardel (soundtrack, 1985)
  • Tango: Zero Hour (1986)
  • The New Tango (1987) with Gary Burton
  • Sur (1988)
  • La camorra (1989)
  • Hommage a Liège: Concierto para bandoneón y guitarra / Historia del Tango (1988) under the direction of the Liège Philharmonic Orchestra with Leo Brouwer.
  • Bandoneón sinfónico (1990)
  • The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night (Tango apasionado) (1991)
  • Five Tango Sensations (1991) with Kronos Quartet
  • Original Tangos from Argentina (1992)
  • The Central Park Concert 1987 (1994)

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