China Volvo Plant to Meet Its Energy from Biofuel and Wind

gin volvo plant to meet its energy from biofuels and wind
gin volvo plant to meet its energy from biofuels and wind

Volvo's factory in Daqing, China will run entirely on clean energy. The factory will have prevented approximately 83 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emission per year by using 17 percent biofuel and 34 percent wind energy.

The plant in Heilongjiang province thus follows the example of the largest Sino-Volvo plant in Chengdu with carbon neutral energy since last year. In fact, up to 90 percent of Geely's sister factories' facilities in the world are powered by this type of energy.

The biofuel plants that feed the factory in Daqing use remnants of local and permanently available soil and forest products to generate electrical power. In addition to this, renewable energy derived from wind is added. Authorities stress that continuity is as important to them as security, and that this determines their goals for climate change.

Parallel to Daqing's green energy initiative, the main plant also demands moves in a direction that limits carbon emissions in all of its production processes in China. In this context, Volvo also called on its local suppliers to use carbon neutral energy.

On the other hand, Volvo aims to fully carbon neutral production by 2025. Therefore, within four years and taking into account the total processes, the carbon footprint of vehicles delivered to the consumer will be reduced by 2018 percent compared to 40. The brand aims to be a completely carbon neutral business by 2040.

Source: China International Radio

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