Bayraktar Mini UAV D with Advanced Features is Ready to Enter the Inventory

Bayraktar mini tender is ready with its advanced features
Bayraktar mini tender is ready with its advanced features

Bayraktar Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System developed by Baykar Defense is ready to enter the inventory with its new features.

Bayraktar Mini UAV System has been developed completely original and national electronics, software and structural components of the aircraft is Turkey's first mini-robot system. The system, which was developed with the hard work and effort of the Baykar Savunma R&D team, successfully passed all tests and was first put into the service of the Turkish Armed Forces in 2007.

As reported by Baykar Defense, the Bayraktar Mini UAV D system is ready to serve the security forces with its new features. In the transfer made by Baykar Defense, the features of the Mini UAV D were mentioned:

  • High Definition Camera
  • 12000 F. Altitude
  • 2+ Hours Flight
  • Night Flight
  • Flight Under Mixing
  • 30+ Km Communication
  • FHD Digital Data Link
  • 10X Optical / 32x Digital Zoom
  • Flight between -20 ° C and + 55 ° C

Communication range with Bayraktar Mini UAV D will be more than 2 times compared to its predecessor. The flight time of the new system, whose maximum altitude has been increased by 3 times to 12.000 F., will be more than 2 times.

Selçuk Bayraktar also shared numerical data on the S / UAVs they produced until June 2020.In this context, 228+ Bayraktar Mini UAVs in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and General Directorate of Security had completed 100.000 flight hours. With its advanced features, Bayraktar Mini UAV D will add strength to the power of security forces.

Bayraktar mini tender is ready with its advanced features

Baykar Savunma's Bayraktar TB2 UAV System successfully completed 300 thousand flight hours, and an aircraft of this class, designed and manufactured with domestic and national facilities, became the first national aircraft to fly 300 thousand hours in the sky.

160 armament on duty around the world

Turkey's developed by national Baykan producing SIH system when specifications and participated in the operations evaluated national SIH of the best in the world in its class Bayraktar TB2, the Turkish Armed Forces in 2014 (TAF) entered into inventory. The unmanned aerial vehicle, armed in 2015, is being used operationally by the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command, Turkish National Police and MIT. Bayraktar TB2 SİHA has been actively working by security forces in the fight against terrorism at home and abroad since 2014. Currently, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Qatar in inventory 160 continues to serve Bayraktar SIH to TB2.

Baykar, which made its first national UAV export in 2012, achieved a great success in a strategic field such as the defense industry with the S / UAV system export of 2020 million dollars in 360. Negotiations continue with many countries that are interested in National SİHAs.

Bayraktartb ukraine

Target 2023 in MİUS

In his statement in June 2020, Selçuk Bayraktar stated that Akıncı TİHA, which made its first flight at the end of 2019, can perform much more strategic missions and will be in the inventory in 2020. Providing information about the Combat Unmanned Aircraft System (MİUS) studies, Selçuk Bayraktar stated that his company will work on MİUS until 2023 and explained some features of the platform. Accordingly, the platform, which will be powered by the MİUS turbofan propulsion system, will be able to stay in the air for about five hours at an operational altitude of 40.000 feet. With the SATCOM data network, the MIUS, which can operate without range limitation, will have a cruising speed of 0,8 Mach. With its 1 ton ammunition carrying capacity, MIUS will be able to perform close air support, strategic attack missions, suppression / destruction of air defense systems and missile attack missions.

Bayraktar mini tender is ready with its advanced features

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