Traditional Security Systems Going Digital

traditional security systems are digitizing
traditional security systems are digitizing

With the introduction of technology in every field of our lives, industries also increase their investments where all processes can be managed through digital and mobile channels. Arma Control, which closely follows technological developments and adapts them to its solutions, has developed the Arma Mobile application that allows managing all barrier systems from a single channel. Arma Mobil, digitizing traditional security systems, provides the opportunity to control with a single button and from a single point.

While technology and digital make our lives easier in many ways, they offer users a more comfortable and fast life. Developing the Arma Mobil application and digitizing traditional barrier and security systems, Arma Kontrol gives the industry an idea and direction on how security systems will take shape in the future.

Developed in 12 months with WOC Software

Making statements about new mobile application investments, Arma Kontrol Founder and General Manager Koray Kartal said, “All developments in the technology world directly lead to changes in the lives of users. Our smartphones, which we used only to make calls in the past, turn into mobile devices that we can fully control our lives today. At this point, we started to change the routes of our investment areas in line with these technologies. With WOC Software, which we invested last year, we developed a mobile application to digitize traditional systems and allow them to be managed from anywhere. With our application, which has come to the product stage in 12 months and continues to develop, we enable our users to access and manage security systems wherever they are. "We provide the routine flow of life with our mobile application that we integrate into all access control and barrier systems."

Allows to manage all systems through a single device

The Arma Mobile application, which enables remote and online control of all barriers and arms, offers users advanced service areas such as reporting, all movements and instant information, as well as open-close controls. The Anti Passback feature, which has been added to the mobile application, which is extremely easy to install and use, also prevents a user from logging in again without logging out. By connecting multiple devices, Arma Mobil allows managing all barrier systems and receiving reports on a single device. Arma Mobil, whose entire software infrastructure is compatible with Android and IOS, is described as user-friendly by facilitating access to barrier systems.

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