Full Support from Railways to 'Goodness Will Not Be Without You' Campaign

full support from the railways to the goodness will not be without you campaign
full support from the railways to the goodness will not be without you campaign

📩 26/03/2021 10:47

Turkish Red Crescent Ankara Branch Handicapped Branch carried out the wheelchair distribution program with the slogan of “Goodness Cannot Be Without You” on 25 March 2021 with the participation of TCDD Transport Deputy General Manager Çetin ALTUN at TCDD Transportation Ankara Regional Directorate.

Turkish Red Crescent Society Ankara Branch of the campaign organized on the initiative of the Disability arm Presidency to support the movements restricted and people with disabilities in Turkey living in the Netherlands Turkish citizens of our cordless by collecting donations among themselves chairs and manual wheelchairs available whether sent to Turkey. Approximately 93 million TL worth of logistics activities required by customs clearance and stocking of 15 battery powered chairs and 40 wheelchairs from the Netherlands were carried out by the Ministry of Trade Risk Management, Liquidation and Revolving Fund General Directorates and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Provided by the General Directorate.

Dutch donor Olgun Güner AKDOĞAN, Ministry of Trade Risk Management General Manager Jale ARSLAN, Turkish Red Crescent Board Member Cengiz KOÇ, Turkish Red Crescent Ankara Branch Board Member Nurben KENDİRLİ and Turkish Red Crescent Ankara Branch Disabled Branch President Ayhan METİN made speeches. At the end of the program plaques to thank the members of the protocol in a wheelchair brought to Turkey and the Turkish Red Crescent volunteer vest was presented.

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