Hospitals Collapsed in Paris, Capital of France, Mass Evacuation Begins

Hospitals crashed in france, mass evacuation began
Hospitals crashed in france, mass evacuation began

Human tragedy is experienced in Paris, the capital of France. In the country where the number of cases reaches 30 thousand, the health system has exceeded the critical threshold. According to the report of The Mirror newspaper, the French administration has decided to implement a final plan.
Critical threshold has been reached regarding the corona virus outbreak. Hospitals in France have come to the point where they cannot serve.

In France, where about 30 thousand new cases were reported yesterday, while struggling to prevent the spread of the virus, a move that the British press described as "one last hopeless step" came.

Hospitals in the capital Paris were almost invaded with corona virus cases. Paramedics were prepared to use high-speed trains for "mass emergency evacuations" out of town.

As the pressure on hospitals intensified, the number of people in intensive care units increased by 37 to 4 thousand 70.

Now, the 'first mass evacuation wave' by high-speed train from Paris will begin on Thursday, and 24 critically ill patients will be placed in more empty hospitals in other parts of France.

Frédéric Adnet, head of the emergency department at Avicenne Hospital in the north of Paris, told Le Parisien: “This is an extremely difficult and delicate logistical effort to implement.

“We are getting ready to start,” said Adnet, adding that patients should be selected according to “very strict” medical criteria.

"Those selected should be patients who are in a serious but stable condition and do not need therapeutic care during transport."

France's national rail operator SNCF confirmed that some Paris patients have already been transported by train, but the numbers will increase significantly.

The company needs a maximum of three days' notice to renew a train, and by the end of this week, work has been completed to get several trains ready.

“The ideal in the long run is to have a TGV (high-speed train service) dedicated to these operations,” said François Braun, head of the country's SAMU Emergency Medical Assistance Service.

France reported 25 thousand 229 cases the previous day and 29 thousand 759 new corona virus cases on Saturday. The number of people who died from the virus in hospitals increased by 169 to 64 thousand 978.

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