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ice laser prices
ice laser prices

The process performed with technological laser devices to reduce or eliminate hairs in selected areas is called laser epilation. This process is done by setting laser epilation devices to the appropriate intensity and applying them on the hair follicles. There are many types of laser epilation, which has been used extensively since the day it first appeared on the market.

As laser epilation procedures can be for the whole body; It can only be applied to certain regions. In laser epilation, the program is specially prepared for the person who had the laser.

Laser epilation has many advantages compared to other traditional hair removal methods. For this reason, it is widely preferred in men and women around the world.

What is Ice Laser Hair Removal?

Ice laser epilation is an epilation method performed with an ice cap device specially developed to reduce pain and pain. The feature of ice laser epilation is that pain and pain are prevented by keeping the skin cold during the procedure. It is also known as 'Painless laser epilation' among the people. Ice laser epilation is designed as a solution to the pain and pain complaints experienced during laser epilation procedures.

Şişli ice laser prices, It varies according to the number of sessions set depending on the hair structure of the people.

Advantages of Ice Laser Hair Removal

Our article Şişli ice laser Prices It has been specially prepared for those who do research. Important advantages of ice laser hair removal are:

  • It saves time for people as it does not require any other action.
  • If applied in accordance with the instructions, the possibility of complications after the procedure is very low.
  • It can be applied to all people regardless of gender.
  • It provides a permanent solution. For this reason, it is a very affordable method in the long term.
  • Provides long-term cleanliness and comfort to people.

What Hair Removal Centers Need To Pay Attention To

  • Laser epilation procedures should only be applied by people who are experts in their field.
  • The violence used in epilation devices; It should be selected in accordance with the hair color, hair density and skin type of the people. Device intensity should be determined again for each person.
  • Necessary hygiene conditions should be provided in the epilation center.
  • The procedures to be performed should be explained to the persons in detail.

In addition, people who want to get ice laser hair removal treatment should pay attention to the following:

  • When choosing an epilation center, a good research should be done and user experiences should be used.
  • All rules must be followed during laser epilation procedures.
  • During the laser epilation period, direct sunlight should not be exposed and the laser area should be protected from the sun. If necessary, special creams should be used for these areas.

Ice Laser Hair Removal Prices

Our epilation center serves with an advanced technology ice laser epilation device. In our center, the highest level of attention is paid to hygiene rules. The treatment plan of the persons is made according to the hair structure and skin type. During the application, the device severity is determined individually. Our professional staff to all clients Şişli ice laser prices also gives information about. The number of sessions to be applied in epilation procedures varies from person to person, but usually 6-12 sessions are applied.

Şişli ice laser prices You can contact us to get detailed information about.

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