Fastest B-SUV: Hyundai KONA N

fastest b suv hyundai kona n
fastest b suv hyundai kona n

Hyundai Motor Company shared the first images of KONA N, which is highly anticipated by automobile enthusiasts. KONA N, the last member of the brand's high-performance N series, also stands out as the fastest and most powerful SUV model in its segment.

KONA N, the first performance SUV in Hyundai's own product range, reveals its sporty appearance at first glance with its wide and low stance. Offering the same SUV comfort as the current KONA models, this special version makes a difference to all its competitors in terms of engine performance.

When viewed from the front, KONA N displays a very wide, sporty and iconic stance. These large air intakes, which are a symbol of performance, provide extra cold air flow to the engine, while at the same time reinforcing the visual appearance. The lower part of the large grille completes the racing character of the dynamic bumper. This bumper, which increases aerodynamically efficiency, emphasizes the N character in the best way and begins to extend to the side. The N logo on the grille also supports the look and strength of the model.

At the rear, a large roof spoiler is used for enhanced downforce. Shaping both the road performance and the rear view, this spoiler is equipped with a third triangle brake light as in other N models.

N Racing dual outlet exhaust silencers, on the other hand, easily evacuate the gases discharged from the high performance engine. In addition, this exhaust system starts to give the driver a feeling as if it is on the racetrack, making its tone a little thicker and fuller in N mode. The diffuser in the rear bumper facilitates the separation of the air flow from the vehicle. KONA N takes the spirit of N to the top with its special alloy wheels and matte red bumper and sill inserts running from front to back.

KONA N is an extraordinary model developed with inspiration from motor sports. With this feature, while increasing the brand's claim in Europe, it will also help its market share in the SUV segment.

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