5 Essential Home Security Tips

The basic puff point of security at home
The basic puff point of security at home

Kale Endüstri Holding, which offers a full range of security services with nearly 70 years of experience, draws attention to 5 basic security measures to be taken to protect your home and your loved ones.

With the arrival of spring, the moving and renovation works started to accelerate. Moving to a new home or redecorating a home excites us all. The list goes on and on when we talk about the color of the wall, the comfort of the seats, the harmony of the curtains… Well, which place does security systems rank on this list? Adding security systems to the top of your to-do list in your home where you will move or renovate is among the indispensables of a safe and comfortable life. Kale Endüstri Holding, which offers a full range of security services with nearly 70 years of experience, draws attention to 5 basic security measures to be taken to protect your home and your loved ones.

With some security measures you will take at your home, you can protect your loved ones and minimize your property losses. To do this, all you have to do is identify the security vulnerabilities that your home needs and strengthen those areas. With the understanding of 'Full Scope Security'; lock the steel door, safe from the window and up to the electronic security systems, all security solutions that offer a combination Castle Lock Turkey Sales and Marketing Director Semih Wheel, 5 in the guidance to detect vulnerabilities in the house was sort of important points.

1- We change the key for security when it is moved, what about the door?

The first thing that comes to mind for those who move to a new home is to change the door lock. However, in addition to the lock, it is necessary to take into account how strong and secure the door is. When buying a steel door, it is critical to question how much the door can protect you beyond choosing the model and color. At this point, the first question to be asked in the selection of steel doors is the security level of the door. The security level in steel doors ranges from 1 to 6. Doors with 5th and 6th security levels fall under the armored door category.

Kale Steel Door can design and manufacture steel doors with the same security level as armored doors preferred in places where high security is needed, in any model you want. Thus, it enables you to have the door design of your dreams without sacrificing security.

After getting full marks from the security level, one of the other important points for your door is that it is produced exactly according to your measurements. What does this provide you in terms of security? When a standard door you buy does not fit your door size, the size differences are usually filled with materials such as foam or mdf. Of course, these materials are not resistant to stretching at the time of impact and force, so malicious people can easily open your door. For this reason, in order for the door to fulfill its security function, it must be specially produced in accordance with the size. Kale Steel Door, which produces boutique doors according to both the size and the desired model and color, gives you the opportunity to spend time in safety and peace in your home decorated according to your taste with these doors that are specially produced.

2- Keep an eye on your home even when the alarm system is not there.

In addition to ensuring that you are safe in your home, home alarm systems work actively 7/24 when you are not at home, keeping an eye on your ears. Kale Alarm, which enables a peaceful and safe living space; In cases of unauthorized access, floods, fire and similar emergencies, it activates the alarm and ensures that the necessary interventions can be made immediately.

3- Do not neglect to have a safe at home

But more, less, but very valuable, but it has moral value… You may have many items or valuable documents in your house that you would not even want to lose. For this reason, it is important to have a safe of the size you need in your home in order to protect your values. Kale Steel Case's home-type digital safe models offer the desired level of privacy with the appropriate mounting features to the wall, cabinet, floor or floor, and minimize the risk in the face of an unwanted event. In addition, it can easily adapt to your home decoration with its wide range of colors.

4- The lock system that provides fast evacuation during an earthquake is important.

In our country, which is located on active fault lines, earthquake is one of our most important agenda items. We understand better in each earthquake that individual measures are also very important against this natural disaster. Kale Kilit offers fast evacuation opportunity during an earthquake with its latch and bolt automatic locking function locks. This product allows you to unlock all the locks of a locked door only from within the household and by lowering the door handle.

5- It is possible to protect the windows from outside and inside.

If your apartment is located on the ground floor or on a floor close to the ground floor, the first thing that comes to mind is to install a fence. However, malicious people can easily enter your home after getting over this external factor. Some of the precautions you will take inside the house allow you to protect your home both from outside and inside. One of them is Kale Alarm's glassbreak detector. This detector, which has the technology to analyze the acoustic frequencies during sound and glass breaking, can also control more than one window. The glass break detector also prevents unnecessary panic with its false alarm feature.

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